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Tower of Fantasy Tsubasa Guide : Build, matrixes and teams

Tower of Fantasy Tsubasa Guide : Build, matrixes and teams

Tsubasa 's Simulacrum unlocks the Icewind Arrow bow. This SSR weapon, which is a frost and attack type weapon, is ideal for attacking at long range and buffing your team's damage once the first star is unlocked. In this guide we explain how to play and equip the Icewind Arrow, Tower of Fantasy Tsubasa's weapon. Thanks to our advice, you will know which matrixes to assign to it to get the best build, but also in which teams to play it.

How to get the Icewind Arrow, Tower of Fantasy Tsubasa's weapon?

The Icewind Arrow is an SSR weapon. You can unlock Tower of Fantasy Tsubasa by performing invocations on the permanent banner with Gold Nucleus or Black Nucleus.

Tower of Fantasy Tsubasa profile

You can also have the Tsubasa Simulacra on a permanent banner by losing a 50/50. And if you already have the Icewind Arrow, you can get another copy in exchange for 120 Black Gold. Some world bosses such as Robarg, Sobek, Lucia or Apophis give you a very small chance to loot Tsubasa.

How to play Tower of Fantasy Tsubasa's weapon?

Tsubasa is an attack character. In your team, she will be played mainly as a sub-DPS. Her low Shatter score of 4 does not allow her to break shields efficiently, unlike Meryl. On the other hand, she can quickly charge ultimate attacks thanks to her 11.5 Charge score.

Tower of Fantasy Tsubasa in combat

Tsubasa's bow performs best at a distance. So, when exploring, you can more easily dodge enemy attacks while inflicting damage on your opponents. You can do good damage by executing an Arrow Rain. To do this, simply hold down the normal attack button after performing any normal attack.

Tsubasa's dodge in ToF

But the main attraction of the Icewind Arrow weapon is its dodge attack Loaded Arrow. Once you unlock Tsubasa's first star, you'll get a cumulative Sharp Arrow every time an arrow fired by a dodge attack hits an opponent.

Each accumulation gives you a 5% damage bonus for 15 seconds. This bonus can be accumulated up to 3 times. Our advice is to always start your fights with Tsubasa. Make a dash and then attack immediately, three times to give your whole team a 15% damage bonus. The ability will also repel the enemy.

Tsubasa's skill in ToF

You can also cast the skill Piercing Shot before switching characters. You will then shoot several devastating arrows that will stun the enemies.

Tsubasa Discharge

Finally, Tower of Fantasy Tsubasa's weapon causes a hail of rain to fall on the battlefield with its discharge. In addition to doing good damage, the ability can freeze enemies and increases your speed by 45% for 7 seconds.

Tower of Fantasy Tsubasa Constellations

As explained above, unlocking Tower of Fantasy Tsubasa's first star is a must. Without it, it will not bring any boost to your team.

Progression of Tsubasa's weapon

The other constellations will increase his DPS, but are however less essential. At 2★, Tsubasa gets a 16% growth bonus from ATK, then 32% at 4★. With 3★, dodge attacks will fire 3 loaded arrows. The 5th constellation, meanwhile, will extend the duration of Arrow Rain and slow enemies down by 25%.

Finally with 6★, you will be able to stack up to 5 times the Sharp Arrow effect. Hitting a target with a charged attack will immediately grant you 3 charges, or even 5 if you hit its head.

Activate Tsubasa's awakening in ToF

Activating Tower of Fantasy Tsubasa's awakening (level 1200) will increase his ATK. The Simulacra will get 1 Fierce Strike stack every time Tsubasa deals damage. Each stacking gives the Simulacra a 0.5% attack bonus, which can be stacked up to 15 times and lasts 30 seconds.

Tower of Fantasy Tsubasa's weapon Awakening

And at the level of 4000 points of awakening, the bonus will go up to 0.6% of ATK and you can have up to 30 accumulations. To increase your friendship with Tsubasa, we advise you to offer him a limited figurine of Tata or a figurine of the angel of the void.

Each of these gifts will bring you 80 points of awakening. Tsubasa will also enjoy Hykros' 3D puzzles, Aida's comics, Crown's tokens, Peanut's limited figures, Alf's metal figures, new game consoles, snow globes and Waren's fossils.

Which matrixes to equip on Tsubasa to have the best build?

In order for Tsubasa's weapon, the Icewind Arrow, to have the best build in Tower of Fantasy, we recommend that you equip it with Tsubasa's 4-piece matrix set.

Tsubasa Matrix

With 2 coins, you will increase the damage done by 14%/16%/18%/20% when there are no enemies within 4 meters.

And with 4 coins, you will get a bonus of ATK of 15%/18%/21%/25% for 8 seconds when you hit an enemy in the head.

Samir's Matrix

You can also opt for Samir's matrix set to boost your damage when you hit a target.

Sobek Matrix

If you don't have these SRR matrixes, you can start with Sobek's 3-piece die set. This set will increase the damage dealt by 6%/7.5%/9% for each enemy in its vicinity. The effect is cumulative up to 3 times.

Tsubasa's weapon upgrade materials in Tower of Fantasy

Increase the level of Tower of Fantasy Tsubasa's bow

To build the Icewind Arrow, Tower of Fantasy Tsubasa's weapon, you will need to collect the following resources:

  • Icecores and Heart of Winter, which you can find on the frost ores in the open world;
  • Nano coating I and II and Nanofiber Frames I and II: You can get them by completing Interstellar Exploration dungeons, Dimensional Trials, laying an Omnium beacon, in the password chests, or by purchasing them in the Weapon Shop.

In which teams should the Tsubasa bow be played?

The best team to play Tower of Fantasy Tsubasa's weapon is the frost team. This team consists of Frigg, Meryl and Tsubasa. Meryl will break shields with her high shatter rate, while Frigg will increase frost damage by 15% and will do good damage with his Domain of Frost.

Best team to play Tsubasa : Frigg / Meryl / Tsubasa

For an optimal rotation, start by making 3 dodge attacks with Tsubasa to boost your team, then launch Frigg's elemental attack and switch to Meryl if the enemies have shields. You can also play Tsubasa with Nemesis and King to create a team with 3 elements.

Tower of Fantasy Tsubasa picture

That's it for this Tower of Fantasy Tsubasa weapon guide. Hopefully, our tips and tricks will help you master the Icewind Arrow and equip it well. In short, Tsubasa's bow is ideal for buffing your team at the start of a fight. However, it will be much less relevant if you don't have at least her first star.

Tsubasa is also a good exploration character as she will attack her enemies from a distance and can reach high up mechanisms. To inflict maximum damage in Tower of Fantasy, you will also need to upgrade your equipment.

We explain how to increase your power in our dedicated guide. And to discover new simulacra guides, go to our Tower of Fantasy tips page.

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