Tower of God Great Journey Tier List: the best characters for your team

Tower of God: Great Journey Tier List of the best characters for your team

We are back today with our tier list Tower of God: Great Journey. New in February, this RPG is already making the news. Adapted from the famous webtoon of the same name, ToG GJ on mobile plunges us into the great moments of the series, with graphics faithful to the animated adaptation. But whether you're a fan of the original work or just a fan of mobile games, we all need to put together an efficient team to progress in the game, don't we? So here we go, we take a look at the best characters of Tower of God: Great Journey!

The characters of tier S

We start this Tower of God tier list with the best characters, those of tier S. These characters are by far the most powerful of the game and are to be used without moderation in your team composition. Do not hesitate to improve them in priority and if you have an opportunity to obtain them, do not miss it!

NameRarity of the character Competencies
Evan EdrokLegendaryEvan heals allies and protects the ally with the least amount of HP. In addition, he improves the defense of your characters while inflicting magical damage on enemies.
Twenty-Fifth BamLegendaryBam is specialized in magic damage, buffs and health recovery.
Yihwa YeonEpicThis character uses the effects of burning and magical damage.
WhiteLegendaryThis character is an excellent DPS.
AlbeldaLegendaryIt is a must-have in terms of support and care.
Albleda is a Tower of God S tier character
Albleda is without a doubt one of the best characters in the game so far

Tower of God Tier List: Tier A characters

Next, let's talk about the tier A characters. Are you wondering if Ha Yuri, Urek Mazino or Reflejo are worth upgrading for your team composition? They may not be as effective as Tier S, but they are still quite decent in a team. Thus, they are a great alternative if you don't have enough Tier S characters to make a full team. Let's take a look at the rankings of these Tower of God: Great Journey characters, which are usually of epic or legendary rarity.

NameRarity of the characterCompetencies
Hansung YuLegendaryThis character specializes in magical damage, especially against enemies in the front.
Green April AnaakEpicAnaak uses physical damage and buffs criticisms.
ReflejoLegendaryThis character also specializes in physical damage, but he also reduces the defense of the enemies.
Ha YuriEpicBleeding, physical damage and stun are his specialties.
Jyu Viole GraceLegendaryAoE, stun effects and recoil are his favorite areas.
Urek MazinoLegendaryUrek boosts defense and provokes enemies while inflicting physical damage.
Kang HoryangEpic
Yuri Ha tier A in the Tower of God: Great Journey tierlist
Yuri Ha is a legendary Fisherman type character

The B tier characters

Although much less effective than their upper tier counterparts, Tier B characters can be used to complete a team. Be sure to use their skills to support the essential heroes of your team. You'll have to rely on character synergies in this ToG Great Journey tier list.

NameRarity of the characterCompetencies
Khun RanLegendaryThis character uses magic damage and electrocution to help you gain an advantage.
Hunter RakLegendarySpecialist in physical damage.
BetaLegendaryBeta uses physical damage and also improves your attack speed.
Waterbomb Commander XiaxiaLegendaryXiaxia has many skills such as magic damage, damage reduction to allies, but also speed and critical damage buffs.
HwaryunLegendaryThis character inflicts physical damage to enemies in front and reduces the defense of opponents.
Tower of God Tier List: Rachel
Rachel is only to be used if you have no other similar characters

Tower of God Tier List : Tier C Characters

Finally, here are the less powerful characters of this Tower of God Great Journey tier list; the tier C characters. Less powerful and efficient than the tier A or tier S characters, they are to be used only as a last resort. However, some of them can be really effective if their skills are well used. Ideally, you should only invest your resources on these characters if you have a synergy strategy in mind with your Tier S or Tier A characters.

NameRarity of the characterCompetencies
Sachi FakerLegendary
Daniel HatchidLegendary
Lo Po Bia RenEpic
Khun A.AEpic
Quant BlitzEpic
Mini RakEpic
Wangnan JaEpic

This concludes our Tower of God: Great Journey tier list! If new characters are released, we'll be sure to add them to this tier list to keep you updated. Do you have any suggestions? Want to share your favorite character? Feel free to speak up in the comments 😉

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