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Pokémon Unite Trevenant Guide: Objects, Builds and How to Play

Pokémon  Unite Trevenant Guide

The January 20, 2022 patch release offers us plenty of content to discover. New game modes, new appearances and above all a new Unit! After Dragonitethe previous Pokémon, discover our Pokémon Unite Trevenant Guide. In this article, we explain all the useful information you need to know as well as our tips and advice to get started with this new Unit.

How to get Trevenant in Pokémon Unite?

Let's start our Trevenant guide on Pokémon Unite right away! This is the 29th Pokémon to enter the arena.

This time, no mission is available to test the Pokémon. To unlock Trevenant, you will have to buy it directly at Unite Battle Committeeand at a high price! Indeed, it costs 10,000 Aeos coins (or 575 Aeos gems).

How to buy Trevenant on Pokémon Unite

But don't stop at the price: this unit has a very interesting kit that we will explain to you. You now know how to unlock Trevenant. We will then explain in this guide how to play it and with which build.

How to play Trevenant in Pokémon Unite?

Let's start with a first overview of the statistics. Stamina predominates among them, combined with good utility and scoring. The scene is set: we are on a Pokémon Tank (Defender) with a lot of control and resistance but little mobility and damage. You will see that the character offers some rather interesting mechanics. With such a cocktail, Trevenant is essentially a Pokémon utility.

Statistics from Trevenant on Pokémon Unite

The competences of the Pokémon

For detailed explanations of the competences of Trevenant, you can consult the official website.

We do have some useful tips for you about the capabilities of this new Pokémon.

So let's start with its passive Natural Cure. It is, no more and no less, a Focus Band. You already know this held item, which we talked about in our Item Tier List, and it is very strong! Once your health drops below a certain threshold, Trevenant will heal itself for a short period of time.

Trevenant Natural Cure Skill

Some feedback also on Curse, the area of effect is pretty good, but the effect of the slowdown applied will depend on the HP of your Unit. Moreover, the effect applied is not as important as it seems. Indeed, many Pokémon have dash or other skills to escape.

Curse Skill Trevenant
Example of using Curse in-game.

Pain Split will take some thought and practice to use correctly. There are two ways to play this skill:

  • If your HP is low, target an opponent who has more HP than you! This way you will heal yourself with this skill.
  • If you want to weaken a target that has more health than you, you can transfer some of your damage by targeting it. Also note that the lower your health, the higher the ratio of transferred HP!
Trevenant Pain Split Skill
Overview of the Pain Split skill in-game.

The gameplay of Trevenant

More globally, Trevenant has a lot of crowd control (stuns, slows, ...). Note this: Each skill will cost him HP, and the lower these are, the longer the effects applied by his attacks become!

The strength of Pokémon is therefore a balance between its HP and its skills. Moreover, the shield of the Phantom Forest grows according to the Pokémon enemies nearby. You must therefore learn to play with this.

Small example: Charge in a teamfight and take the damage, with your skills. Once your HP is low, activate the Phantom Forest to give yourself a huge shield. This way, you can trigger your skills and apply the effects to the maximum wihout putting yourself in too much danger!wihout putting yourself in too much danger!

Overview of the Phantom Forest unit capacity of Trevenant
Overview of the Phantom Forest skill in game.

Which Build to play Trevenant in Pokémon Unite?

In this guide of Trevenant, we propose you different ways to play your Unit. All the abilities of the Pokémon are useful, but it is mainly a question of combining them well and of paying attention to the skill order which will be determining. We present you the two main builds for Trevenant in Pokémon Unite.

Crowd control build

If you are facing very mobile opponents, there is no point in playing with Pain Split. Indeed, the link breaks after a certain distance. In this case, you can opt for this control build which will allow you to immobilize your opponents, thus allowing your allies to inflict a maximum of damage.

First, start on Wood Hammer. Remember that if you hit a first target, you can reactivate the ability to stun again.

Competence Wood Hammer of Trevenant

Then link this last skill with Horn Leech. This charge is very useful. In addition to regenerating HP, it will also lift the last opponent hit!

Competence Horn Leech of Trevenant

These two skills combined with Phantom Forest allow you to constantly apply crowd control effects to your opponents. They are then at the mercy of your attacking allies.

Recommended build: Unwavering defender

In all cases, and whatever its build, Trevenant does not inflict much damage. Your goal will be to protect your allies as much as possible and to absorb a maximum of damage while resisting. This build is more focused on the middle and end of the game. Be very careful at the beginning of the game because you will be vulnerable until you have unlocked all your skills.

Play with Curse, even if the skill doesn't do much damage, it applies a significant slowdown if your HP is low.

Trevenant Curse Skill

Unlock Pain Split. Combined with Curse, this skill is easier to play. Indeed, it will become more difficult for your opponents to escape and break the bond if they are slowed down.

Trevenant Pain Split Skill

In both cases, don't forget that Phantom Forest gives you an important shield depending on the number of enemies nearby. When your HP is low, during a teamfight, activate the skill that will allow you to take even more damage and protect your allies.

What are the recommended held items for Trevenant ?

The passive of Trevenant, Natural Cure, is equivalent to the Focus Band. To reinforce this effect, you can also choose this item. When your HP drops below a certain level, you will receive absolute regeneration, allowing you to continue fighting.

Pokémon Unite Focus Band Item

As with most Pokémon Defender or Tank types, your goal is to protect your allies. The Buddy Barrier is one of the best items in the game today, so don't hesitate to use it.

Pokémon Unite Buddy Barrier Item

Trevenant can be a good Pokémon scoring. If you have the possibility to score often, you can equip yourself with Score Shield.

Pokémon Unite Score Shield Item

Instead of the Score Shield, you can also use the Energy Amplifier. This allows you to increase your damage after using your Unity ability. As you know, Phantom Forest increases the damage inflicted on affected opponents. This can be used to push enemies back or to shoot them down.

Pokémon Unite Energy Amplifier Item

What kind of combat items for Trevenant ?

Despite its bad reputation, you can still play Potion with your Trevenant. Trying to overcome its weakness at the beginning of the game with this item can make a difference and allow you to survive critical situations.

Item Potion on Pokémon Unite

For our part, we advise you to use the Eject Button instead. You may have noticed, but this unit has no escape... The Eject Button will always be useful! You don't pass up a bit of mobility on a Pokémon as static as Trevenant.

Item Eject button on Pokémon Unite

This new Pokémon defender therefore promises to be very solid. But beware: the early stages of the game are difficult. Our advice? Move in lane with your allies. With very little mobility and damage, it will be difficult to escape situations that are unfavourable to you. Choose your moments carefully and play around your team no matter what.

This Pokémon will probably take a little time to get the hang of. So be patient, it is not easy to play.

That's it! We've come to the end of our Trevenant guide to Pokémon Unite. You now know all our tips and tricks about it, as well as the recommended builds and skill order to play it. Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas in the comments and rate our article. See you soon in the arena!

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