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State of Survival Troops | Management & Composition

state of survival troops

As you know, the mobile survival game State of Survival requires strategy on many points! For example, troop management is paramount. In this new article, we're going to take a closer look at the different troops in State of Survival.
So, what are the types of troops and their statistics? What are the best compounds for PvP? To develop your strategy and optimize your troop management, follow the guide! 😉

The different types of troops

Various State of Survival troops

In order to carry out your attacks and defend your base properly, you will need to be familiar with the State of Survival troops at your disposal. They are divided into three categories: infantry, snipers (or hunters) and vehicles (or riders).


This troop includes, among others, mastodons, infantrymen and destroyers. The infantry is relatively weak but has a lot of VPs and will be able to play the frontline role. Each infantry soldier has his own specialty: the infantrymen are stronger against the hunters, while the mastodons have the advantage over the riders.

State of Survival Infantry Troop

So the goal is to line up soldiers of these two types if you want to survive enemy assaults.


The huntertroop is the core of your army. As with the other two types of units, some hunters are stronger against infantry and others against riders. They have few VPs and are not very resistant, but inflict a lot of damage.

State of Survival Troops, the hunters

Your goal will be to keep your hunters alive as long as possible so that they can deal their enormous damage on the opposing troops.


In the troop ofriders, you will have to deal with quads or motorcycles. Some of these units are particularly effective against hunters when the others have an advantage over infantry.

State of Survival Troops, the riders

We advise you to give priority to units that are effective against infantry so that you can quickly destroy the first enemy front line.

State of Survival troop statistics

The statistics governing the strength of your troops in State of Survival are 4:

  • attack;
  • defense;
  • health;
  • lethality.

It is these values that will determine the troop choices for your armies.

During a combat, the difference between the attack of one side and the defence of the other side causes the basic damage. On the other hand, lethality and health determine the number of casualties caused by this damage.

The best troop compositions for PvP

It is important to note that at the beginning of the game, one should focus on advancing through levels and not recruit too many troops. Indeed, focus on unlocking new State of Survival troops to create an effective army.

The information in this guide is therefore mainly useful at an advanced stage of the game. By the way, don't hesitate to consult our beginner's guide to get started.
Thus, when you reach level 7, you will have access to powerful troops. Unlocking the next ones will then be long enough to focus on the troops present.

Generally speaking, the important thing is to find the right mix of infantry, hunters and riders in your army. A ratio of 40% hunters, 30% infantry and 30% riders is usually the best possible ratio to win your battles.
Depending on the strength of your opponents, modifications can be made. For example, less infantry and more hunters against weak opponents or more infantry and less hunters against stronger opponents.

Training of State of Survival troops

Once you have determined the best composition for your troops, it is always a good idea to make sure you have enough of them. That way, even if you suffer casualties, you will be able to use your preferred ratio. You don't want to find yourself in a situation where you have to send a march without infantry because you're all out.

Finally, unless lower level troops are needed, it is best to always train the higher level troops through your daily training.

After reading the few lines in this guide about the troops of State of Survival, you have all the cards in hand to manage your battles perfectly!
To go even further in the game, don't hesitate to take a look at all our tips on State of Sur vival!

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