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Army compositions on Warpath: Attack and Defence strategy

Warpath army compositions

In the mobile game Warpath you have to manage an entire military base. Your goal is to train units and integrate them into your army. This army must be efficient in order to build the best possible base to counter your enemies! This is why the composition of Warpath armies is one of your priorities in order to progress in the story mode and in your campaigns. In this article, we will explain how to build your army and obtain efficient units to fight your opponents.

What is the best composition of Warpath armies for story mode?

If you have read our Warpath Beginner's Guide, you will know that the chaptered story mode is extremely important for managing your army and base. Overall, the story mode serves to keep you moving forward in the right order with regards to building your buildings, upgrading them, but also training your troops.

For an efficient army composition in story mode, one has to think about possible attacks by enemy forces in order to collect resources from the opposing troops. There are about 150 units in Warpath. Your goal is to get as many units as possible in order to compose your army with the best elements according to the mission. To do this, you can draw to win units. Go to the trunk of our dear Nota Bene to draw your rewards !

Drawing units with Nota Bene in Warpath
Drawing units with Nota Bene in Warpath

The units are part of what are called camps. There are three different camps: Avant Garde, Martyrs and Freedom. Each camp has its own abilities. For example, the Vanguard is good at firepower and durability. The Martyrs are strong in durability and troop speed. And finally, the Freedom side units are strong in firepower and speed. Personally, this is my favourite camp! Each type of unit has a strengthened characteristic according to its side. Example: An Avant Garde tank fighter has more firepower, a Martyrs tank fighter has more armour penetration and a Freedom tank fighter has better movement speed. As a result, your units are inevitably stronger or weaker depending on their side and the side of the opponent.

Spend time building structures to gain levels and allow your troops to get ahead of enemy troops. Building structures will increase the camp capabilities of the troop in question.

What is the best composition of Warpath armies in the field?

In the campaign, your units will have to be on the move. Much more so than in story mode. The first thing to do is to choose your unit and the officer who will command it. For example, for the officer named White Wolf, you will have to favour squadrons since this officer is adept at tactical behaviour and fearlessness. Leading soldiers is therefore a better choice. These abilities are more useful for squadrons with the ability of speed, for example. As for Sergeant Spanner, consider him for a tank unit. Initially, take the M2 Medium Tank and place Spanner on that unit. The Sergeant is adept at destroying buildings. Perfect with medium tanks!

As for the composition of Warpath armies, the units chosen must be mission specific. If you want to cause more or less human or structural damage, you should not choose the same units. However, we always advise to keep a certain coherence and to start with at least one unit from each camp (Vanguard, Martyrs and Freedom). Here, there is no ideal composition since everything depends on the mission of the campaign! However, you should always think about the target before choosing the attacking units.

Often, in the field, two units are needed on the same target. Vary the breaks according to the type of target (light tanks, infantry, etc.) Here is a small table of estimated damage according to the unit chosen and the target:

Move well to better attack and defend

The first thing you need to know about attacking or defending well in Warpath is that each player has his own way of doing things. In Warpath, you get better defences and attacks by upgrading your troops with coin mounts. Adding parts to your weapons or army will make them stronger. To unlock the coin mounts, you must first focus on building your base and then advance to story mode. To advance in story mode, you must follow the chapters to THE LETTER! Stuff your units, your resources, your buildings, your research and exploration. Warpath is a game of patience.

To get resources by attacking opponents, you need to have a strong army! The same goes for your campaigns. To do this, you must learn how to move around the map! Also learn to make your attacks and fortifications at the right time.

The map is divided into boxes. Enemy troops often arrive from several sides. We advise you to start an attack by shooting at a single troop with at least two or three of your units at the same time. This technique will weaken the targeted troop. Before the enemy unit has no life left, change direction with one or two of your troops towards another enemy unit. Always attack in groups! Set up fortifications when your hit points are almost at the bottom and attack with at least two troops at a time.

Also remember that your troops move at the same speed, for those that do not have the troop speed capability. So if your troops are separated by one or two squares, they will not attack at the same time. It is useful at this point to attack another unit with your slowest troop. Be prepared to sacrifice this one if things get out of hand!

Manage resources, build and train!

To get a useful Warpath army composition, you need to build the right buildings, get new officers and train your units before going on the most risky assaults. As soon as you get three fairly robust troops with at least 20 levels, go out and fight your first campaign to earn your first officers. Make sure you are always one step ahead. Three units are useful for a first campaign. Six units are useful for a second campaign.

The more points you earn as you progress through your chapter quests, and therefore farm on resources and the base, the more levels you gain by upgrading your officers. Officers are essential for the composition of your armies on Warpath. Level them up and gain access to new abilities to make their assigned units more powerful. Whenever possible, train your units with the right officer to level up the troop!

You now know how to manage your army. To progress efficiently in the game, you must take care of the right composition of your armies in Warpath. Your composition influences your land acquisition and construction strategy, but also the proper functioning of your base! For more tips on Warpath strategy management, we recommend you to read our advanced Warpath tips!

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