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Wild Rift beginner's Guide | Tips & Tricks

Wild Rift Beginner's Guide

We have prepared a Wild Rift beginner's guide to help you with your first steps in the Summoner's Rift. Whether you're an old LoL player or a new player, you'll find tips and tricks to help you get better! But before that, let's get the basics straight.

Wild Rift Guide: the basics

LoL: Wild Rift has come into our lives like a tornado. The mobile market is not full of quality MOBAs , but the mobile version of League of Legends aims to correct this anomaly. It uses exactly the same principle and shares the same universe as the original game. It can therefore reasonably aim for global success.

Wild Rift logo

In LoL: Wild Rift, 2 teams of 5 players compete in a predefined arena where each player chooses to play as an avatar called a champion. This arena is divided into 3 rows and a jungle where the following roles are generally found:

  • Top (solo): Tank, off-tank or assassin ;
  • Jungle: Tank, off-tank or assassin (mainly champions with mobility and control skills);
  • Mid: Mage or assassin;
  • Bot (duo): Adc (shooter) and a support.
map wild rift

Each champion is different and has unique skills. To win the game, your team must destroy the opposing Nexus (the enemy base). Beware, it is not that easy to do so as you will be confronted by enemy players and dangerous turrets. It's up to you to collect as many resources (gold and experience) as possible to improve your champion and buy powerful equipment to increase your statistics and your chances of victory.

victory screen
The important thing is to participate, but victory is always a pleasure.

Can you keep up with that? Good, because if the principle of the game remains clear, the more you immerse yourself in MOBA, the more complex it becomes. But that's also why we love it so much. Before you get bogged down with counter-picks, split push or flanking, take a deep breath. Here's our Wild Rift beginner's guide to help you take your first steps in the Summoner's Rift!

Wild Rift Guide: customising your settings

Rather than jumping into battle, take the time to customise your settings. We don't recommend doing this in the middle of a game, or you'll be reported for AFK. Instead, start a practice game or a custom game. If for some it is a few minutes wasted, the default settings are not always the most optimized for you! So it's definitely worth adapting your controls. There are several settings that you should change first, depending on your preferences.

Changing the position of the buttons in Wild Rift

If you play like me on a gaming tablet, some buttons are too far away (like the flash) and pressing them at the right moment will take too much time. In Wild Rift, you can manage the position of your buttons very freely. Go to the in-game settings and press custom button layout. Here is my layout which allows me to be faster on most buttons:

change the position of the Wild Rift buttons

It is also possible to reduce the size of the joystick on Wild Rift and I advise you to do so as it will make you more efficient and precise when dodging Blitz grabs!

The type of trip

Default/Follow/Locked. The first two use the bottom left joystick, while the last one (locked) is closer to the PC version of the game. We don't recommend it on mobile, but regular players can get used to it. In locked mode, you have to press the screen to move. To gain speed, we also recommend activating the automatic route option on the mini-map. This makes it possible to order long journeys without losing any time.

Cancellation of shares

It is devilishly frustrating to activate a button (like an ultimate skill), by mistake. This happens often, especially with a touch screen and stress. It is therefore necessary to cancel an action to avoid losing precious recovery time. The undo area is customizable to gain efficiency. The default one is particularly long to fetch.

Wild Rift Game Settings
You can customize your settings, so you might as well take advantage of it to develop good habits!

The sensitivity of the sight

No Wild Rift guide will be able to tell you which sensitivity is best for you. However, it is a parameter that makes a big difference if you touch it. It's something to be tested and adapted for each player.

Other settings can also be changed to improve the gameplay (fog of war brightness, panning camera sensitivity, etc.). These are small details, but they are important.

Choose your preferred champion(s) (quickly)

In the League of Legends universe, there are many different champions. At the moment, not all of them have made the trip to LoL: Wild Rift. Until they are all integrated, there are already almost 50 of them! That's enough to give you plenty of choice.
They all have different profiles: mage, assassin, tank, support character...

With their own skills, it is important to find the one that best suits your playing style. To progress and quickly master a champion, there is no secret, you have to play it as much as possible. We therefore advise you to start by focusing on a particular character to discover all its features and secrets. There are always mechanics to discover: skill order, passive effects of spells, synergies, etc. The goal is to identify its strengths, but also to tame its weaknesses.

Wild Rift champion selection
Speed is needed right from the draft phase.

But in addition to this general choice, you will also have to make a very quick choice... in the draft phase ! When you arrive in a normal game, it's a bit like the Wild West, in every man for himself mode. Instalock is frequent (the fact of immediately validating your character without communicating).

Sad to say, surviving the jungle in LoL: Wild Rift will require more than just a guide , it will also require you to think a little selfishly. Locking down your champion quickly will ensure that you can play and progress with it.
Diplomacy and dialogue are always possible, but it's at your own risk. So be prepared to have a fallback champion... and hope he is available!

Wild Rift tip: return to base regularly

The gold system is extremely important in LoL: Wild Rift. But even more vital is spending your hard-earned gold. There is only one way to buy equipment (Fallen King's Blade, Nashor's Tooth, Spiritual Face, etc.) and that is to go to your base shop.

So don't hesitate to go back regularly with the "Recall" function which requires a small 6 second channeling. Each unspent gold coin is a useless gold coin. It is often tempting to stay on your lane longer. But greed is probably the most annoying flaw of a League of Legends player, both on PC and on mobile. So it's a good idea to check out your shop after each elimination to snowball your advantage.

Champion who back
After travelling around the world, all you want is to be home!

Beyond the items, a return to base also allows you to fully regenerate life and mana. This is all the more necessary as there are no potions in LoL: Wild Rift. However, be careful not to take damage while channeling the Reminder.
If you are interrupted, you will have to start the operation again. While for some it is a sign of weakness to return home before your opponent, it is always less stupid than dying stupidly and under-equipped. Have you ever tried to fight an enemy armed to the teeth with a toothpick in real life?

Keeping a constant eye on the mini-map

This Wild Rift guide will not tell you that everything happens in real time. It is an extremely dynamic and immersive game. It's easy to get caught up in your duel in your lane and forget about the rest of the map. It is essential to avoid this mistake, which is fatal for many beginners.

The mini-map provides valuable information and it is important to look at it at regular intervals. If it doesn't come naturally, you have to force yourself to do it! The best players scan the map in a few seconds and react accordingly. There are 3 basic types of information to check in order to improve quickly:

  • Position of the other players: Take note of the position of your allies and the enemies visible on the map. This will tell you whether you are outnumbered or outgunned.
  • The state of the other lanes: this allows you to assess whether it is better to stay in your place or to help your team elsewhere.
  • The situation with neutral objectives: don't leave the Dragon and Baron Nashor free as they give valuable bonuses.
Wild Rift mini-map
The map gives a lot of information at a glance.

The communication pings give an audio signal that allows you to share quick information with your teammates. But there is also a small visual icon that is placed on the mini-map.

Wild Rift Guide: cooldown times

One of the advanced skills that differentiates the best players from the rest is tracking. This is the ability to see and record information in order to adapt your game accordingly. It's hard to remember everything in LoL: Wild Rift, but it's relatively easy to play around recovery times (cooldowns) to gain an advantage. Follow the guide to identify the most important information!

  • Summoner spells: Blaze, Flash Jump, Heal... All these spells give a big advantage in combat. But they also have a long recovery time. Be careful, the cooldown times are quite different from those on the PC. For example, Flash has a delay of 300 seconds on PC against 150 seconds on mobile. The ideal is therefore to fight when your enemy no longer has his summoning spells. The trick to not having to count in his head is to look at the game's internal clock which indicates the duration of the game in progress and add the known recovery time.
  • Ultimate skills: as the name suggests, these are skills that are often devastating. They are only available from level 5. More powerful than a normal skill, they also have a longer recovery time. So play carefully and take advantage of the opportunity if your enemy has wasted his.
Wild Rift guide: summoner spells
Golden Rule #1: A player without a flash is a vulnerable player.

List of cooldowns for summoner spells:

  • Ghost: 90 seconds
  • Heal: 120 seconds
  • Barrier: 90 seconds
  • Fatigue: 105 seconds
  • Flash: 150 seconds
  • Ignite: 90 seconds
  • Punishment: 10 seconds

Beyond this Wild Rift guide

This is already the end of this beginner's guide for LoL: Wild Rift. Given the complexity of the game, there are many other mechanical, strategic and theoretical aspects to be discussed. But to avoid overheating, we'll leave it at that for now.
With these valuable tips, you already have all the weapons you need to win your first games and progress. For the tryharders in the soul, think of taking a look at our thematic guides, like the guide dedicated to farming.

Anyway, we hope you have a great time on Summoner's Rift avoiding trolls. Unfortunately we don't have any tips on how to avoid AFKs and toxic players 😉

Tipsalewo A cocktail of mobile gaming,esport and K-PoP. Not tryhard enough to become a pro player, I am content with being the minstrel who tells the stories.


The ultimate spell unlocks at level 5 it seems, unlike the PC game.

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