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Corki Midlane Wild Rift Guide | Build and Runes S1

Corki Wild Rift Guide

Corki, the Yordle pilot, is a shooter who enjoys his freedom in LoL: Wild Rift. While he is playable as an ADC in duolan, he is more often found on the midlane. This champion is independent and has positive 1v1match-ups against the vast majority of mages. With his unique profile as a magical damage inflicting shooter, he promises to give his opponents headaches as they struggle to effectively itemise. The Yordle mustachio is a great addition to his champion pool. To master this, read our hand-sewn guide to Corki Midlane Wild Rift.
It will discuss, among other things, his itemisation, the use of his big deck and the strategy to adopt in the lane phase.

Recommended build for Corki midlane : items, runes and skill order

Corki is categorised as a shooter, as he deals significant damage with his basic attacks. However, he has a somewhat hybrid profile bordering on the mage. His skills should not be overlooked and Yordle also causes a majority of magical damage due to his passive. His itemisation must therefore be adapted accordingly and his build differs a little from that of a classic ADC.

Recommended build Corki Wild Rift
The Trinity Force is the star of this build.

What build for Corki Midlane Wild Rift?

  • Must-have items: Trinity Force is mandatory for Corki. In addition to being very complete (AD, HP, mana, attack speed, skill acceleration), this item allows the pilot to inflict a lot of damage after casting his ultimate skill with a very short recovery time. Next is the Manamune, which allows you to stack AD and mana to avoid running out. Finally, the Ultrafast Cannon is a sure bet that allows Corki to gain range and burst.
  • Boots: PC players must be feeling orphaned as the Wizard's Boots don't exist on Wild Rift. So opt for the sustain of the Gluttonous Legs and the Quicksilver enchantment that purges crowd control.
  • Situational items: a Guardian Angel is always welcome in a shooter's build and the extra life can sometimes get you out of a tight spot. It's up to you to decide whether to use the offensive version of the Deadly Recall (armour penetration and Hemorrhage) or the more defensive version of the Dance of Death(sustain and damage reduction).

Which runes for Corki Midlane Wild Rift?

  • Main Rune: With Corki, you want to take advantage of her range and varied damage sources to dominate your duel in midlane. The Electrocution rune gives him even more arguments on short trades .
  • Secondary Runes: The Threatening Storm rune allows Corki to become even more lethal from the mid-game onwards. Guardian of the Spirits then limits the effect of slowdowns and Hunter - Genie gives the possibility to use the powerful skills of Yordle even more often.

Which skills should be improved first?

There is no real debate about Corki Midlane's skill order. The Phosphorus Bomb is her best skill and then you have to invest in her other offensive skill, the Gatling. Finally, the Valkyrie is useful for its mobility, but does not require special attention.

How to make good use of Corki's skills in midlane?

Hextech ammunition
Hextech ammunition
This passive makes Corki unique and converts 80% of his attack damage to magic damage. In addition, he periodically gets a Big Pack which boosts his Valkyrie skill and increases his speed.
Phosphorus bomb
Phosphorus bomb
Corki throws a bomb that injures all the enemies in a circle.
The Yordle rushes forward leaving behind a burnt area that wounds enemies walking on it.
Corki turns on his machine gun which automatically wounds all enemies in front of him. They receive damage and have their resistance reduced.
Projectile barrage
Projectile barrage
The pilot can store up to 6 long-range missiles. He can launch them whenever he wants in a straight line with almost no recovery time. Every 4 shots, he launches a big Bertha, a missile that inflicts even more damage.

On the midlane, Corki should not hesitate to show his dominance by attacking his opponent with his basic attacks, but also with his skills, especially to activate the Electrocution rune. Ideally, the Gatling should be thrown first, followed by the Phosphorus Bomb, to take advantage of the reduction in resistances. These two skills, which inflict zone damage, are also very useful for quickly pushing the wave of minions, gaining ground and, why not, shifting to the other lanes on the map. Valkyrie is your only means of escape. Keep it to avoid ganks. It even allows you to pass certain walls! When your Big Pack is available, don't hesitate to use it offensively. The damages are reinforced and you have two rushes for the price of one!

Projectile Barrage allows you to store up to 6 missiles. They allow you to poke your opponent while activating the bonus damage of your Trinity Force. They recharge quite quickly and there is no need to save them. On the other hand, watch your Big Bertha charges. The extra damage is substantial and deserves to be applied before aiming.

With which champion should a good synergy be set up?

Good synergy Corki Wild Rift : Varus
Hard to beat the Corki-Varus double act for poke.

Corki is a solitary pilot who has no particular synergy with other champions. He plays independently and can hardly find combos with other characters. However, he can be combined with a poke composition, which has long-range skills to harass the enemy team and force them into siege phases. In this case, a double ADC Corki-Varus composition can be interesting to combine in the draft phase.

Counter by Corki Midlane Wild Rift: Who should we watch out for?

Counter of Corki Wild Rift : Zed
Zed can quickly become a complicated match-up.

In midlane, Corki has a lot of positive matchups. With his range and damage skills, he can respond to most opponents in a pinch. However, he can have some trouble against Aurelion Sol and Annie. The celestial dragon has the means to contain Corki's push and stagger better than him. As for the little girl, Corki doesn't really have a way to avoid her burst and her deadly combo. Zed, to a lesser extent, can quickly become a problem if he gets the early game advantage. 😈

Advanced tips and tricks for playing Corki Midlane Wild Rift

For a shooter, bushes can be scary and can hold nasty surprises. Fortunately, the Phosphorus Bomb can be used to check for enemies in an area by giving vision. The Projectile Barrage does not provide vision, but the sound and visual effects can also be used to flush out potentially hidden enemies.

Wild Rift victory screen
Objective victory!

Corki deals a lot of magic damage and has many AP ratios on his skills. The most imaginative players will therefore be tempted to equip the Yordle pilot with mage items. The test is worth a look and the damage of the skills can be surprising. However, this version of Corki is not really viable and seems to be far below its best. We advise you to stick with the classic version and its AD-oriented build.

This is the end of our Corki Midlane Wild Rift guide. You now have all the cards in hand to achieve a high level of performance! Good luck to you in your future ranked games and hope you avoid crashes. 😎

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