[Solution] Error 100018 in Wild Rift: how to fix it?

Solution to Wild Rift error 100018 at login

If you regularly play the mobile adaptation of LoL, you may have already encountered theerror 100018 in Wild Rift to solve. So let's see what this message is and how to get rid of the 100018 error problem easily. This way you can finally play the game without any problems!

Identify the source of the error 100018

Wild Rift error 100018 occurs when the game starts. As soon as you press the Enter button on the loading screen, a message appears in the middle of the screen saying: "Unable to connect to server. Please try again later. 100018".

Solution Error 100018 in Wild Rift: cannot connect to server

This error number actually indicates a problem with the connection to the servers at Riot Games. There are several solutions to error 100018 when you encounter it.

Firstly, in order to check that the problem is really on your side, go to the website dedicated to thestate of the gamesservers Riot Games, as well as on the social networks of Wild Rift to know the dates and times of maintenance.

Resolve error 100018 in Wild Rift

Once you have ensured that the servers are working properly and that the Wild Rift error 100018 is still present, the problem is with you. Well, more precisely, your internet connection.

To resolve error 100018, try disabling and re-enabling Wi-Fi and mobile data on your smartphone. You can also restart your device and do the same with your internet box.

If after all this you still get the error message when starting League Legends: Wild Rift, your last option is simply to uninstall and reinstall the game to get a clean slate and remove the corrupted files.

Wild Rift connection problem solved

Normally, once all these steps have been completed, your problem with theWild Rift error 100018 should be resolved. You will probably have made it disappear. In the event that it doesn't, I urge you to contact Riot Gamesdirectly to determine a solution. And to keep up to date with the latest news on the mobile version of League of Legends, I'll redirect you to our Wild Rift news and tips page.

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