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Guide Ezreal ADC Wild Rift | Build and Runes S1

Guide Ezreal Wild Rift

With his ideal son-in-law face, Ezreal is one of the most popular champions in the League of Legends universe. In LoL: Wild Rift, he's a favorite with his unique shooter profile. A bit of a charmer, his smirk and smooth gameplay have won over many a summoner. In addition to using his skills without moderation, the blond boy has one of the best escapes in the game! A real soapbox when mastered to perfection, he does however require advanced knowledge to get the most out of his extensive skill set. Good news, with this guide Ezreal ADC Wild Rift, explore the explorer's gameplay in depth! 😃
To play the shooter at full power, we'll go over his strategy in the lane phase, his combo to set up and his somewhat unusual itemisation for an ADC.

Recommended build for Ezreal ADC: items, runes and skill order

Those who are used to the PC version of the MOBA will be able to testify to this, the itemisation ofEzreal leads to a perpetual debate. There are two main versions, both viable. It's up to you to choose according to your preferences and play style. On the one hand, there is the "Blue Ezreal", which taunts its enemies with an infinite number ofhits and runs. On the other hand, the "Ezreal Trinity" which has the greatest damage potential, but requires extra rigour in terms of positioning.

Ezreal Wild Rift: build Ezreal Trinity
The Ezreal Trinity version.

Which build for Ezreal ADC Wild Rift?

  • Must-have items: as a first item, you will have to choose between the Trinity Force (Ezreal Trinity) or the Frosty Gauntlet (Blue Ezreal). The Enchanted Blade passive does not stack and it is counterproductive to combine the two items. The rest of the core build fortunately remains the same afterwards. Muranama (mana and AD) and Dance of Death (damage reduction and AD) offer bonuses not to be missed.
  • Boots: The Gluttonous Legs seem to be a no-brainer with their regeneration bonus. They are especially valuable asEzreal can have a complicated lane phase early in the game. As an ADC can never have enough spare wheels, you should use the enchantment Thick Silver.
  • Situational items : both versions ofEzreal will definitely choose theGuardian Angel and its second life. However, as a last item, the Blue Ezreal will give priority to the Bloodthirst to be even more intuitive. On the other hand, the Ezreal Trinity will look for even more damage with the Fallen King's Blade.

Which runes for Ezreal ADC Wild Rift?

  • Main Rune: Ezreal is a very malleable champion, so it is not uncommon to see different choices for runes. The Conqueror rune however seems to be the most suitable for the champion and offers a significant damage boost.
  • Secondary Runes: with your Ezreal you need time to charge your power and your Muramana. We therefore advise you to bet on the duration of Threatening Storm. Then turn to Regeneration , which will greatly facilitate the lane phase, as the blond boy is quite manic. In the same vein, Ribbon of Mana remains a very good last choice.

Which skills should be improved first?

No debate about the shooter's skill order . Mystic Fire is his main skill, so it should be upgraded first. Next is Flux, essential for its damage bonus, and finally Arcanic Transfer, his signature escape skill. It's useful, but doesn't require an immediate investment.

How to make good use of the skills ofEzreal in EDA?

Piercing feathers
Piercing feathers
Gives a bonus to attack speed as soon as aEzreal skill hits a target (cumulative 4 times).
Twin daggers
Mystical shooting
The prodigal explorer fires a projectile in front of him that wounds the first enemy hit. Upon hitting a target, this reduces the cooldown on his other skills. Applies effects on impact.
Deadly plumage
Essential flow
Throw an orb that sticks to a champion, epic monster or building. Attacks and skills fromEzreal cause the orb to explode, dealing damage and restoring mana to the shooter.
Calling the blades
Arcanic transfer
Ezreal teleports a short distance and fires a projectile that wounds the nearest enemy or the one the orb is stuck on.
A flurry of feathers
Terebrant bow
Shoots a large projectile in a straight line across the map. It injures all enemies in its path and gives vision.

In the lane phase, Ezreal will have a bit of trouble at the beginning, especially because it needs time to obtain and load its items. You should therefore concentrate on farming and not hesitate to use Mystic Fire to last-hit. Of course, if your enemies are being clever, don't hesitate to poke them with it. However, don't abuse your other skills. Essential Flux costs mana and if you miss your target, you will feel the lack. Concerning Arcanic Transfer, it is better to keep it in case of danger to take the escape. Finally, Terrifying Bow is often used as a finisher, to try and snipe an enemy at the other end of the map. This ultimate skill can also be used to quickly push a wave of minions.

Ezreal depush a wave of minions on Wild Rift
A good way to kill a whole wave of minions .

Ezreal also has a nice little combo to burst an opponent. First throw Essential Flow at the desired target. Then use Arcane Transfer to jump on them and easily blow up the orb. Then follow up with Mystic Shot, remembering to throw a basic attack in between each skill to activate Trinity Force or Frosty Gauntlet.

With which champion should a good synergy be set up?

good synergy with Ezreal Wild Rift: Sona
Sona and Ezreal can kill their enemies slowly.

Ezreal is an independent champion who doesn't need anyone to shine. But with his poke strength, he can put his opponents through hell if he is paired with a Sona or Soraka. Both supports offer infinite sustain that will ease the complicated lane phase of the shooter while themselves possessing arguments to harass the enemies. A poke combo is also possible with a Corki midlane to support the heavy fire.

Counter d'Ezreal ADC Wild Rift: who should we watch out for?

Draven: counter Ezreal Wild Rift
Draven is not a match-up gift in botlane.

In the draft phase, Ezreal fears Draven. Draven has a lot of damage at the beginning of the game and will normally have no trouble dominating our favourite explorer. At the end of the game, Ezreal will still be useful. But if he falls too far behind during the game, you will never reach the late game. 😭

Advanced tips and tricks for playing Ezreal ADC Wild Rift

The explorer is a versatile champion. Like him, his skills have potential that is sometimes unsuspected. Mystical fire allows you to check for enemies in the bushes using sound effects. Essential Flux can be used on buildings and allows turrets to fall faster. Arcanic Transfer is permissively coded, giving the ability to pass through the vast majority of walls! Finally, with the infinite range ofTerebrant Arc, take a chance on stealing neutral targets like a Dragon or Nashor.

Ezreal arcane transfer to cross a wall on Wild Rift.
Even if the indicator is in the wall, Ezreal will still go through it.

The shooter also benefits from many AP ratios. It is therefore conceivable to give him a mage equipment. The test is worth the diversions and this version ofEzreal has a good little burst on the Essential Flux - Arcane Transfer combo. However, Ezreal AP seems to be a bit of an underdog and is not entirely viable. There is already enough choice between the Blue Ezreal and theEzreal trinity.

We have already reached the end of this guide Ezreal ADC Wild Rift. We hope that it will have given you the desire to explore the gameplay of this champion. It is not lacking in resources and will always have its place in the metagame. 😎
Check out all the other Wild Rift champion guides to learn every trick in the book for your favorite heroes!

Tipsalewo A cocktail of mobile gaming,esport and K-PoP. Not tryhard enough to become a pro player, I am content with being the minstrel who tells the stories.

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