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Guide Janna Support Wild Rift | Build and Runes S1

Guide Janna Wild Rift

In LoL: Wild Rift, you have to beware of appearances. The most dominant champions are not necessarily the ones you think they are. JannaFor example, the Air Avatar, who doesn't look like much, can turn into a real storm. Its skill set, often labelled as exclusively defensive and utilitarian, actually hides a great deal of ambivalence. This support has many arguments to dominate its duolan and send its opponents flying. Doubtful or sceptical? See for yourself and apply the advice we give you in this guide Janna Support Wild Rift.
Hold on to your hats, it's a busy schedule. The champion is still pretty easy to play, but to master Janna, you need to understand the mechanics of his tornado, master the timing of his ultimate skill and most importantly equip him with the right items.

Recommended build for Janna Support: items, runes and skill order

Recommended build for Janna Support Wild Rift

Janna has a very utilitarian natural profile. She supports her allies with multiple bonuses while keeping enemies at bay if they are too reckless. With her itemization, we will look for items that synergize well with her shield and her zone heal . The champion will then become the ideal partner for all ADCs.

What build for Janna Support Wild Rift?

  • Must-have items : The first thing to buy is theBurning Censer with Janna. With its shield and its AoE healing, it can easily offer the bonus in attack speed to all its team. Next comes the extra healing ofHarmonious Echo and the shield of the Protector's Vow. This trio allows you to protect your allies while boosting their damage potential.
  • Boots: As with most utility profile supports, Boots of Lucidity remain the best choice for their skill acceleration. They mean more shields and more bonuses with Burning Censer! For enchantment, Redemption is usually preferred to make your team even harder to kill.
  • Situational items : for the last items, in most cases, you buy an unholy Grail of Athene. Its bonus AP is appreciable and it offers a new source of healing. To fill your last slot, a small tanky item such as a Randuin's Omen can do the air avatar a great service. For those who are sure of their placement, the offensive way is to equip Janna with a Zeke Convergence.

Which runes for Janna Support Wild Rift?

  • Main Rune: The ambivalence of the Aery rune fits perfectly with Janna. In the lane phase, she can maximise her effectiveness by harassing her enemies and in teamfighting, the support has plenty of choice to give a bonus shield.
  • Secondary Runes : with Alizé, it is very easy to benefit from the damage of the Weakness rune. Generally, you then choose the Loyalty rune since the role of Janna is to stick your carry as much as possible. The last choice depends greatly on your playing style. For our part, we have a soft spot for the Maquis rune and its roam potential.

Which skills should be improved first?

Eye of the Storm is Janna 's top skill to upgrade. Next is Alizé for its regular damage source and easy to place slowdown. It's not a problem to stay with Howling Wind at the lower rank for the majority of the game. The skill is hard to make money on and the most important thing is its projection which does not increase in duration with rank.

How to make good use of the skills of Janna in Support?

Janna gains 8% movement speed. Allies who go to Janna also move faster.
Howling wind
Howling wind
The first activation charges a tornado, then the second, launches it. The tornado moves in a straight line, hurting and throwing the enemies in the air. The distance covered, the damage inflicted and the time taken to throw the tornado increases with the loading time.
Janna throws a projectile that injures and slows down an enemy. When the skill is not recovering, the Supporting player gets a speed bonus and his attacks get extra damage.
Eye of the hurricane
Eye of the hurricane
Janna gives a shield for 5 seconds to an ally, which also offers a bonus in AD.
Janna heals all nearby allies for 3 seconds. Upon activation, nearby enemies are also pushed back.

Janna has many weapons to dominate its opponents. Alizé is a targeted skill that cannot be missed. You have to abuse it to harass the enemies with a small fire. With the slowdown, it is then simple to hit Howling Wind. Take advantage of your crowd control to stick a few auto-attacks that are always fun. It's up to you whether you prefer to throw the shield at yourself or at your ally. Choose the most exposed target.

Janna on Wild Rifft loads a tornado
Janna can move while his tornado is charging.

In teamfights, the choice becomes much easier. Always give your shield to your ADC first. The latter will get a triple benefit from it: the shield, the AD bonus and the bonus given by your different items! You must also be careful with the timing of Monsoon. Throw it to disengage in critical moments. But you must avoid two pitfalls. Janna is immobilised for the duration of the skill, so don't put yourself in too much danger by positioning yourself too aggressively. Also, pushing enemies away can potentially save them and put them out of reach of your allies. So keep an eye on their life bar!

With which champion should a good synergy be set up?

Draven: good synergy with Janna Wild Rift
Draven-Janna, hello damage!

Janna has an ideal profile as a Support and the vast majority of ADCs dream of sharing their lane with theavatar of the air. However, we recommend two particularly effective combinations. The Draven-Janna duo promises to do some damage and offers an ultra-dominant start to the game. The Varus-Janna pairing then complements each other very well and the two champions cover each other's weaknesses. But don't worry too much about the draft phase, Janna will always find its use whatever the composition.

On the other hand, some champions do not like to have a Janna in their team. We are thinking in particular of Gragas, Malphite or Kennen... They have very strong ultimate skills, but they can be spoiled by an unfortunate Harvest timing.

Counter from Janna Support Wild Rift: Who should we watch out for?

Counter Janna WIld Rift : Blitzcrank
Beware of the robot with wandering hands.

Janna moves fast and can thus hope to dodge enemy attacks with dexterity. However, during Harvest, she remains immobile. If she is caught, she is very vulnerable. For this reason, she must beware of champions such as Blitzcrank or Alistar. They will have difficulty catching Janna, but it only takes one powered grapple or combo to put her in serious trouble.

Advanced tips and tricks for playing Janna Support Wild Rift

To optimise your pick, there are a few tips to know about Janna. Firstly, Eye of the Storm can be used to shield your turrets. In addition to saving precious health points, the shield will give you credit for a kill. Regarding Howling Wind, the skill is not always easy to place because of the time needed for a full charge. We advise you to charge the tornado from a bush, out of the enemy's sight, in order to surprise your opponents who will have less time to react.

Janna Wild Rift gives its tower a shield
Remember to protect your turrets if necessary.

Finally, to return quickly to the ultimate skill Monsoon, you should not hesitate to interrupt your channeling before the end. If your positioning becomes too dangerous or there are no more allies to heal, you might as well move on and make yourself fully available again.

We have come to the end of this guide Janna Support Wild Rift. We wish you good luck with your Ranked. This support is a great safety choice for those new to the role.
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