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How to play jungle on Wild Rift? - Guide and Tips

jungle wild rift guide

In the jungle, terrible jungle, of LoL: Wild Rift there is no dead lion but multiple secrets to know. The role of the jungle is primordial in this MOBA. This one is not affiliated to any lane (Top, Bot, Mid) and plays the role of free electron. He thus lives a very different game from the other players, since he wanders in the fog of war and spends more time playing PvE against monsters in the jungle than meeting his opponent. But when the right moment comes, he comes out of a bush to pounce on his prey and gank his enemies by taking advantage of a numerical superiority. The latter, often immersed in their duel and their session on farming , do not expect the opposing jungler to come out.

Wild Rift map

The role of the jungler summary thus seems simple. But if the game plan is clear, the execution is actually much more complicated. A good jungler must know how to control the space-time of his game perfectly. He must control the pressure on the map to be in the right place at the right time. In a constant balance between farming and ganking (coming by surprise on a lane), you have to optimize your path ( pathing from jungler) to not lose a single second.

The role of conductor can be a scary one, especially if you are a beginner on Wild Rift. Beginning junglers often fear doing the wrong thing and missing out on opportunities to be decisive. To help you out, we've put together the Wilf Rift Jungle Guide to help you get through it all!

Choose the right jungler in Wild Rift

Theoretically, all champions can play the role of jungler. There are no rules or prohibitions. However, some characters are more recommended than others because of their natural profiles. There are two qualities to look for in priority.

  • Quickly clean the jungle camps: the goal is to be able to quickly kill the different monsters in the jungle. This is the main source of income and experience for jungler. But beyond damage, sustain is another important quality. A champion that is too fragile, unable to link camps, is not a good choice. He will waste too much time going back and forth to his base and risk having his precious camps stolen. In this context, Master Yi seems to be an excellent choice to start in the jungle.
  • Having impact on ganks: playing jungle is not a farm simulator. The most important mission is to gank enemies to support your team in the four corners of the map. It's up to you to be imaginative and surprise your prey. You can choose to take the gold from the eliminations yourself or give it to your allies. Either way, cash is always welcome. To succeed in this mission of jungler in LoL: Wild Rift, we advise you to play a champion who has crowd controls (slow down, stun). This greatly increases your chances of elimination. A gap-closer (ability to quickly close on a target) is also a big plus (dash, movement speed steroid).
Amumu Wild Rift Shop
Amumu is looking for a friend!

Other secondary qualities can also be useful: mobility to get through walls, the ability to take distance vision in a bush...

Balancing your time between farm and gank

Farming and ganks are not rocket science in themselves. Whatever your level, everyone is capable of killing monsters run by artificial intelligences, even the most Bronze of us. But the most difficult part is balancing your time between the two aspects of the jungle. To help you with your decision making and rotations, here are some tips.

How to optimize your farm of jungler in Wild Rift ?

In the jungle, you won't find any minion to eat. So you have to earn your gold and experience by killing jungle monsters. The monsters are grouped in camps and can be quite formidable. The goal of all jungler is to optimise your pathing to succeed in farming almost continuously. The camps have fixed reappearance times once they are killed: 1 minute 30 for normal camps, 2 minutes 30 for Buffs. Those with calculators in their heads will be there at the exact moment of respawn. But, before reaching this precision, try to synchronize your pathing. In a repeated wiping motion, visit one half of the jungle entirely before heading to the other. Between each round trip, the camps will have time to respawn.

The wolves
Beware of the wolves!

Here are some tips from jungler to be even more efficient in LoL Wild Rift.

  • Corbans : very easy to do for champions with AoE (area damage) like Amumu. More complicated for the more single-target oriented jungler (Lee Sin);
  • Krugs : they are slow and appear gradually. Easy to kite (hit & run);
  • The Gromp : a single monster camp. Junglers who don't have a spell single-target should think about using punishment on this one;
  • Wolves : they are snarling and have some damage, but they are very fragile;
  • Carapateurs: a peaceful monster that doesn't hit. You can do it even if you have few HP. In addition, it gives the vision after its death;
  • The Red and Blue Buffs : the most important camps as they give special bonuses. Damage and slowing down (Red) and mana regeneration (Blue). To be done first and foremost!

How to increase your chances of success on ganks?

Gank in Wild Rift is an art form. By taking advantage of the fog of war, the jungler will be able to attack an enemy by surprise to help his allies. He will also benefit from a numerical advantage: 2v1 or 3v2. The goal is simple: kill your prey. But, putting pressure, removing life points, cracking ultimate skills or summoner spells are also victories. Small victories, but victories nonetheless! The worry is that missing a gank is frustrating.

gank of jungler Wild Rift
When the 'jungler' icon is on you, you are hidden in a bush.

To maximise your chances of success, here are 3 basic principles to be aware of before trying your luck.

  • Consider the state of the game: it's not against the law to help a lane that's getting dominated, but when one of your allies is too far behind, it's a bit of a lost cause. It's quite humiliating to lose a 2v1, but it's mostly catastrophic. Don't be too greedy and respect opponents who are fed or seem too powerful;
  • Be aware of recovery times: Try to keep in mind two basic things. Ultimate skills and summoner spells (especially the lightning jump). Aim for helpless enemies first, they will be less likely to escape;
  • Playing with vision: the surprise effect is very important on a gank. If possible, check that your enemies have not spotted you before bursting into their lane. Vision plants are your best friends for checking that players have not set up a ward. A good jungler Wild Rift will also be patient and willing to bide his time, unseen, in a bush.

Mastering the Art of Smite in Wild Rift

The summoner spell ( Smite ) is mandatory to play as jungler in LoL: Wild Rift. This spell allows you to inflict heavy damage to monsters (up to 1000 points of damage) instantly, while recovering life points. This is a great power but also a big responsibility, especially when it comes to neutral objectives.

Which smite to take according to your jungler Wild Rift?

Before going into the details of controlling neutral targets, you must first choose your smite. This summoner spell improves after being used 4 times on monsters. Once upgraded, retribution can also be cast on enemy champions with additional effects.

  • Chilling Chastisement: inflicts very little damage but allows you to slow down your target. Ideal for catching up... Or running away from danger.
  • Illuminated Punishment : Allows you to inflict substantial burn damage on an enemy in addition to reducing the damage they inflict on you. This is the punishment of the fight.
Smite upgrade to jungler Wild Rift
Red or blue Smite?

In both cases, the bonus effects are useful. The choice of upgrade really depends on your play style. In general, jungler tanks and utilities in LoL: Wild Rift will take the blue smite. Duelists will prefer the extra damage of the lightning punishment (red smite).

The control of neutral targets, responsibility of jungler in Wild Rift

In the jungle, there are several neutral objectives that give valuable bonuses. They are difficult to do and usually require the whole team to invest time and energy. Everyone covets them because they can turn the game around. And it is the jungler, with its Chastisement , that must secure it. With his ability to inflict immediate damage, he is also the one who will receive the criticism if his team is robbed of the objective.

  • Elemental dragons (spawn time: 4 minutes): Earth (extra life and shield), Ocean (vampirism), Wind (movement speed) and Fire (damage increase);
  • The Ancestral Dragon (spawn time: once 4 elemental dragons are killed): gives an enhanced elemental bonus in addition to automatically executing enemy champions with low health points;
  • The Herald of the Rift (spawn time: 6 minutes): allows you to charge an enemy building to inflict heavy damage. Tip: hit its eye in the back to inflict more damage. Only one herald can appear per game, unlike the PC version of LoL;
  • Baron Nashor (spawn time: 10 minutes): gives damage bonuses (attack and power) and greatly strengthens your minions nearby. A little tip: he inflicts more damage to targets behind him.
Different dragons in LoL WR
What is your favourite drake?

As jungler in Wild Rift, the initiative to attack a neutral objective is your responsibility. The decision is not always obvious and getting robbed of these objectives is catastrophic. To help you in your decision making, you are advised to check two conditions each time.

  • Punishment available: to secure last-hit ;
  • Numerical superiority: allows you to be more serene, especially if the jungler enemy is dead or very far away. You can also attack the drake when the bot's enemies are back, for example.

Otherwise, we find ourselves in 50/50 situations, for better or for worse.

Last step: train in game!

This is already the end of this guide to jungler Wild Rift. We hope that you will find it useful and that the amount of information to be ingested will not be too indigestible. In any case, nothing beats practice and it will take some time before you manage to apply all these tips and tricks. This particular role is not for everyone. For those who prefer to play on a lane, we suggest you check out our guide farming to get started on the right footing 😉

Tipsalewo A cocktail of mobile gaming,esport and K-PoP. Not tryhard enough to become a pro player, I am content with being the minstrel who tells the stories.

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