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Kennen top Wild Rift guide | Build and Runes S1

Kennen Wild Rift Guide

Kennen may be a Yordle ninja, but he didn't come to LoL: Wild Rift quietly. With a full profile and the ability to play in almost any lane, this champion is a versatile player. While there are many mysteries surrounding this long-unknown character, our Kennen top Wild Rift guide will help you get to the bottom of them. This Yordle has enormous potential and when properly mastered, can win a game on its own with its ultimate skill. So don't be fooled by his small size or his friendly fur ball appearance.
In toplane, Kennen has several advantageous match-ups. However, it is not uncommon to see him on the midlane, or even in support, where he is far from ridiculous. The only role that remains unattainable for him is that of jungler !

Recommended build for Kennen top: items, runes and skill order

Kennen top Wild Rift: recommended build
It is difficult to adapt this all-terrain build.

Kennen deals a majority of magical damage, which is reinforced with items that increase the champion's power. His profile is not classic, but he benefits greatly from a typical mage build. To maximise its usefulness, however, it needs a touch of defensive stats. Indeed, the Yordle has to run into the pile to place the best ultimate possible, and he doesn't want to get cut on the way.

What build for Kennen top Wild Rift?

  • Must-have items: You can be pretty happy with Kennen, since his build doesn't really change no matter what his situation is. The best items that give him power and extra bonuses are theInfinity Orb (magic penetration and speed), the Morellonomicon (magic penetration, HP and bleed) and the Torment of Lyandry (HP and damage amplification). To go with this hard core, the Rabadon's Cloak (max power) and the Void Staff (extra magic penetration) seem to be almost mandatory as well.
  • Boots: the best choice is the Gluttonous Legs for sustain. The Ionian Stasis enchantment is also very useful to achieve nice outplays in teamfights.
  • Situational items: There are not really any situational items as Kennen's build is ultimately very inflexible. Only the Void Staff can be replaced if the enemies have no magic resistance. In this case, Rylai's Sceptre offers an alternative solution to slow down opposing champions in the zone.

What runes for Kennen top Wild Rift?

  • Main Rune: Use the Conqueror rune on Kennen. This ninja is not a bruiser, but he can trade effectively over time.
  • Secondary Runes: Brutal is a great choice to gain damage. Then go for Spirit Keeper to make your game more fluid and Hunter - Genie to gain skill acceleration. Without being a total default choice, the other solutions are not really great on Kennen.

Which skills should be improved first?

Don't ask yourself too many questions and improve Shuriken lightning and Surtension first. These are the two most useful skills in lane that will allow you to continuously poke your opponent. Lightning Rush is useful in many situations, but does not require a particular investment.

How to make good use of Kennen's top skills?

storm marker
Storm marker (passive)
Kennen's skills apply a mark to enemies. Applying 3 marks will stun enemies as well as recovering energy.
Lightning Shuriken
Lightning Shuriken
Throws a shuriken in a straight line that injures the first enemy hit.
Surge voltage
Surge voltage
Every 5 attacks, Kennen passively deals additional magic damage and applies a storm mark. He can also activate the skill to wound all enemies that have at least one mark with a lightning bolt.
Lightning rush
Lightning rush
Kennen charges himself with electricity to gain a huge bonus in movement speed. He can no longer attack, but wounds the enemies he passes through. At the end of his Rush, the Yordle benefits from a bonus in attack speed.

Maelstrom (ultimate)
Kennen summons a storm. This storm injures all nearby enemies in a large area, who gain a storm mark every 0.5 seconds (3 marks max). Kennen also gains a resistance bonus.

In the lane phase, the different skills must be used in very specific situations. The Yordle ninja must use his range to constantly poke his enemies. He is all the more free to do so, as he has no mana. The basic combo is to quickly link Shuriken lightning and Surge for an instantaneous trade , impossible to parry. Lightning Rush can be used offensively, but it is generally preferred to keep it as a means of escape in case of trouble. Also watch out for the Surge passive, which allows you to inflict a large base attack periodically.

Kennen Wild Rift Ultimate Skill: Zone Stun
Kennen has a stunning ultimate!

In teamfighting, the game changes and you have to find a good way to apply your ultimate Maelstrom. This usually involves using Lightning Rush and not hesitating to use Lightning Jump to get into the middle of the fray and engage. Your primary goal is to get as many enemies as possible in your area. As well as hurting them, you'll stun them and your team will just have to finish the job.

With which champion should a good synergy be set up?

Good synergy with Kennen toplane Wild Rift: Jarvan IV

As you can see, Kennen shines during teamfights. He has one of the best AoE (area damage) in LoL: Wild Rift and can perform deadly combos. To accompany him, we can imagine him in the draft phase with champions like Jarvan IV, Malphite or Orianna. In either order, they can help or be helped by the work of Yordle .

Kennen top Wild Rift's counter: who should we watch out for?

Counter Kennen top Wild Rift : Janna

In the lane phase, nobody can really counter Kennen. With his very complete profile, he can only find neutral match-ups in the worst case. On the other hand, Yordle is very dependent on his ultimate to be effective in teamfights. Some champions can make life very hard for him. Janna or Alistar have the means to prevent Kennen from accessing the centre of the fight and countering his Maelstrom. This is frustrating and turns you into an almost harmless hamster.

Advanced tips and tricks for playing Kennen top Wild Rift

Wild Rift victory screen

Kennen particularly enjoys teamfights, but it's true that from the toplane, he can have a limited impact on the map, due to his off-centre position. So you should not hesitate to roam to help your teammates. Except that roam means losing precious minions, while leaving your turret vulnerable... Fortunately for Kennen, he has a way to quickly kill a wave of minions before shifting! All he has to do is use Lightning Rush, electrify all minions and then use Surge to make the lightning speak.

Fans of the PC version of League of Legends, also know that Kennen can also be played AD or hybrid. Except that not all items have made the transition from PC to mobile. In these conditions, Kennen AD is not very effective at the moment and we do not recommend it.

We have reached the end of this Kennen top Wild Rift guide. This ultra-complete champion is not that hard to play and has several advantages. His build almost never changes in any situation and he has a clear role to play in both lane and teamfight. Now that you've mastered the basics, it's up to you to make some sparks fly!
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