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Guide Lux Wild Rift

Lux is the lifeblood of many League of Legends players, and there's no reason why it should be any different in LoL: Wild Rift. This versatile mage can be found on the midlane where she can stand on her own two feet. But she is more effective on the botlane when she accompanies another champion. She is full of possibilities and offers, in addition, a source of magic damage that is not to be neglected. Have we piqued your interest? This guide Lux support Wild Rift will teach you all the tricks of this very useful pick !
Many players do not particularly enjoy playing with a Lux support. They will not hesitate to let you know this during the draft phase. The mage doesn't always have a good reputation and some players play it a bit selfishly, like an off-centre midlaner . However, once you have adapted your itemisation, your skill order and mastered its damage rotation, Lux has everything to succeed in support. 😎

Recommended build for Lux support: items, runes and skill order

Lux is a mage that must find a balance between its utility profile and its damage. This is not always easy to achieve and the temptation of a full-AP build must be avoided at all costs. A little bit of damage can be useful, but we advise you to use moderation for more efficiency. In his recommended build, there is a hint of AP, but above all many items with active and passive abilities that will help both Lux and his entire team. In particular, this lady of light has one of the best shields in the game; it would be a shame not to play around this skill.

Recommended build Lux support Wild Rift
With this build, Lux will silence the bad tongues that don't trust it to play support 🙃 .

What build for Lux support Wild Rift?

  • Must-have items: The Unholy Grail of Athena increases the utility of Lux (healing) while giving it a little power. Accompanied by theHarmonious Echo (even more healing) and theBurning Censer (damage bonus), Lux will shine with its versatility. The trio offers a perfect balanced compromise to the champion.
  • Boots: Boots of Lucidity are a classic for supports and Lux is no exception. For enchantment, Redemption (healing) or Medallion (shield) are both viable.
  • Situational items: The little voice of temptation is never far away and the Rabadon's Headdress will make all damage-seeking players happy. However, the Morellonomicon is preferred for its healing reduction and HP. Finally, the Protector's Vow will make you a perfect support.

Which runes for Lux support Wild Rift?

  • Main Rune: Obviously, you should choose the versatile rune Aery. It will be as useful for attacking your enemies as for protecting your allies.
  • Secondary Runes: Weakness is an excellent rune for its extra damage. Next is Loyalty, which will be used for Lux and its ADC, as well as Mana Ribbon to avoid breaking down.

Which skills should be improved first?

Lux support must improve its Prismatic Barrier as a priority. This decision will raise eyebrows for players who play it in midlane, but it is the best skill when playing in duolane. Next up isRadiant Anomaly, which you can use to poke , and finallyLight Impediment. This cage is very useful but its usefulness doesn't grow much with the ranks.

How to make good use of the skills of Lux in support?

Skills that injure enemies leave a mark for 5 seconds. A basic attack from Lux burns the mark and deals magical damage.
Light obstruction
Light obstruction
Lux throws a projectile of light in a straight line that injures and immobilises the first 2 enemies hit.
Prismatic barrier
Prismatic barrier
The lady of light throws her staff in a straight line, which then returns to her even if she moves in the meantime. On the way out, as well as on the way back, the staff gives a shield to Lux and all her allies in the path. The value of the shield is doubled on the way back.
Radiant anomaly
Radiant anomaly
Lux creates a glowing area on the ground that slows down enemies in the area of effect. Lux can reactivate the skill to make the area explode and deal magical damage to enemies.
Final glow
Final glow
Lux fires a large beam in a straight line. All enemies in the line take magical damage and have their Illumination effect activated and reset.

In the lane phase, don't hesitate to use your Prismatic Barrier regularly on yourself and your ally. The double shield should allow you to have the upper hand in most trades. Radiant Anomaly is a good way to poke, especially if you manage to activate the Illumination passive. The Light Impediment is less easy to place. So don't abuse it. The mana of Lux is not unlimited and the cage can save your life in case of gank.

Radiant anomaly Lux Wild Rift
The area gives the vision.

Final Radiance is a very interesting damage skill, but it will not be at its most powerful with Lux in support. While it is best used as a finisher in midlane, consider using the skill as soon as possible in teamfights so you don't miss out on this damage source. As it also activates and resets Illumination's charge, you should not hesitate to abuse this ultimate with its low recovery time. Furthermore, Lux is not very solid, so you'll have to be careful with your placement when playing stuck to your ADC.

With which champion should a good synergy be set up?

Good synergy Lux Wild Rift : Draven

Lux support has both defensive and offensive weapons. She makes the lane phase much easier and with a strong duo at the start of the game, she is destined to dominate her match-up. Combining it with Draven or Jhin seems to be a very good idea. In addition, this sniper can easily hit her long-range skillshots and make a real massacre of the pigeon shooting kind. The power of the light mage can also compensate for the early-game weakness of a short-range shooter, but it's more of a default balancing act than a true synergy.

Counter from Lux support Wild Rift: who should we watch out for?

counter Lux Wild Rift: Alistar
Alistar is not a good match-up for Lux.

Lux is a fragile mage, she will have to watch out for Blitzcrank. If she is unfortunate enough to be caught, she does not have many ways to escape. More surprisingly, Lux has difficulty against Alistar. Despite his range deficit, he can quickly charge at Lux and control her. Each missed cage will put the lady of light in danger, not to mention the coward's purge on her ultimate skill. In the draft phase, players are therefore looking to avoid this complicated match-up.

Advanced tips and tricks for playing Lux support Wild Rift

Ranking and league system

Lux has a large burst with its skill combo, even when allocated to the support role. So whenLight Hindrance hits, don't hesitate to quickly follow it up with Radiant Anomaly and Final Radiance. The three combined skills, which also activate the Illumination passive, can surprise and destroy the most fragile targets. However, the combo requires a minimum of speed of execution and you must not forget to reactivate Radiant Anomaly.

Finally, Radiant Anomaly and Final Radiance have an often underestimated property. Both skills give vision! This allows you to check for enemies in the bushes. Prefer the area for this kind of situation and keep the ultimate skill to try and steal a Dragon or Nashor at long range. The Lux cage does not give vision as such, but the sound effect and the Aery rune can still give valuable information.

This is already the end of this guide Lux support Wild Rift. The Lady of Light is a bit of an unusual support, but we hope these tips have convinced you to give her a chance. Good luck with your Ranked! 😀
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