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Wild Rift Jungle Yi Master Guide | Build and Runes S1

Yi Wild Rift Master Guide

In the jungle, terrible jungle, hides a champion feared by many with indecent damage... Master Yi has the bad reputation of being aimed at beginners with his fluid and very direct gameplay. This Wuju style master doesn't care about criticism and that doesn't stop him from cutting up everything in his path. Fragile targets like tanks don't last long under the champion's repeated blows. Find out how to play it to perfection with our Wild Rift Jungle Yi Master Guide. Although it is relatively simple to play, there are still a few tricks to know to optimize its efficiency.
On the agenda, we will tell you all about its Alpha strike, its strategy to adapt during the games and we will come back in detail on its itemization which does not make the lace. 😎

Recommended build for Master Yi jungle : items, runes and skill order

The fine blade Wuju is a champion who is always looking for more damage. So look for ways to increase his attack damage and attack speed. Be careful not to take too one-dimensional an approach. Master Yi Jungle runs into the crowd and needs a minimum of survivability. We therefore give him a little resistance and above all life theft! Damage is good, but if you don't have the opportunity to apply it, it's useless.

Recommended Build Master Yi Jungle Wild Rift
The critical version of the build.

What build for Master Yi jungle Wild Rift?

  • Must-have items: The Fallen King's Blade has everything a Yi Master could want. Damage, sustain and even a movement speed steal, ideal for making your enemies' skin crawl. It is then accompanied by a Ghost Dancer (damage and shield) and an Infinity Blade which allows you to inflict heavy critical damage. With these three items, Master Yi will already be difficult to stop in the middle of the game.
  • The boots: it's impossible to miss the Gluttonous Legs and their omnivampirism. The Quicksilver enchantment should then save your life with its purge.
  • Situational items: All Master Yi's know that the champion's gameplay forces him to take risks. The bonus life of theGuardian Angel is therefore welcome. You are then free to opt for a sustain version(Dance of Death) or a critical version(Stattik's Dagger).

Which runes for Master Yi jungle Wild Rift?

  • Main Rune: Of the main runes, Conqueror is the best choice. It offers extra damage and gives extra sustain.
  • Secondary Runes : the Brutal rune is preferred for an immediate damage bonus at the start of the game. Then, turn to the Hunter - Titan rune to gain tenacity and limit the effectiveness of crowd control. Finally, the Enlightened Spirit rune makes it easier to do neutral objectives while increasing its split push potential.

Which skills should be improved first?

With Master Yi Jungle, the priority is to improve Lightning Assault. This versatile skill allows you to quickly kill monster camps and offers a good gap-closer on ganks. It is therefore important to increase its damage and decrease its recovery time. Next is the extra damage of Wuju Style. The Meditation skill comes last, but is still valuable in the jungler kit.

How to use Master Yi's skills in the jungle?

Double whammy
Double neck
Every 4 attacks, Master Yi strikes twice and inflicts bonus damage.
Lightning assault
Lightning assault
Master Yi becomes unsociable and attacks up to 4 nearby enemies. The skill can be critical and inflicts bonus damage on monsters.
For 4 seconds Master Yi goes into channeling. He reduces the damage suffered and heals himself. The healing increases according to the champion's missing life.
Wuju Style
Wuju Style
Master Yi passively gains AD. When he activates the skill he deals raw damage. The passive bonus disappears while the skill is in recovery.
Highlander (final)
Gives Master Yi a bonus in speed, attack speed and immunity to slowdowns. Eliminations reduce the recovery time of other skills and increase the duration of ultimate.

The jungle is child's play for Master Yi. With Lightning Assault and Wuju Style, the camps won't last long. To save life points, you should ideally cast Lightning Strike when a monster is about to attack you. The skill allows you to lose the aggression and reset the attack. If your hit points ever get too low, feel free to use Meditation. It's not a problem to cast the skill in the middle of a fight as it reduces damage and allows you to tank while waiting for your other recovery times (Lightning Strike or Retribution) to return.

Master Yi jungle Wild Rift: meditation
Meditation, a good way to stall.

As far as ganks are concerned, Master Yi has two trump cards to surprise his opponents. At the beginning of the game, Flash Assault is your only gap-closer. As it's a targeted skill, it's impossible to miss, but it's still a bit of a light gank and you'd rather wait for its level 5. At this point, the ultimate skill Highlander comes into the equation. It boosts your damage, but more importantly, it increases your movement speed and makes you immune to slowdowns. The speed bonus can also allow you to flee in an extreme emergency.

With which champion should a good synergy be set up?

Good synergy with Tristana Wild Rift: Lulu

Master Yi is big enough to take care of himself. With a bit of farming, he can scare anyone and threaten even the strongest tanks. However, he can greatly benefit from the support of someone like Lulu. The latter allows him to run even faster and inflict even more damage. In addition, as jungler runs into the pile, it can be used as a base for an area throw with the ultimate of Yordle. This is a great duo to set up in the draft phase.

Counter de Maître Yi jungle Wild Rift: who should we watch out for?

Malphite counter Master Yi Wild Rift
Malphite has a rock-solid head.

Master Yi jungle has immunity to slowdowns with his ultimate. However, he is still vulnerable to hard-cc, crowd control such as stun and immobilisation. He must therefore beware of champions such as... Lulu ! With her polymorph, she can render him completely harmless and expose him to great danger if he jumps into the middle of the enemy team. Malphite, in 1v1, won't be able to do much against Master Yi, but in teamfight, he's able to make his life very hard. 😭

Advanced tips and tricks for playing Master Yi jungle Wild Rift

Some make fun of Master Yi for his simple gameplay. While the champion has a very direct style, his Lightning Assault skill has a potential that is often unsuspected. Firstly, it allows him to walk through walls if Master Wuju sees an enemy target on the other side. In addition, as the champion becomes unsociable he can also lose aggro from a turret and tower-dive an opponent who feels falsely safe very easily. Also keep in mind that the skill can inflict critical hits that can surprise with the critical build!

Wild Rift Jungle Master : alpha strike
Lightning assault allows you to pass through walls.

We should also point out that the Meditation skill can be interrupted before the end of the channeling. As the jungle is immobile, you have to be careful with its placement and evaluate the opportunities that are offered to him. Finally, it is also important to know that at the end of the game, Master Yi literally cuts up everything that moves, including buildings. We can therefore imagine him split push on his side and put pressure on a sidelane. It is in this kind of case thatHighlander can be used defensively to quickly withdraw in case of danger.

This is the end of this Wild Rift Jungle Yi Master guide. All that's left is to apply the various tips to dominate your games on LoL: Wild Rift. Don't pay attention to players who call you a noob. A few swings of the sword should be enough to shut them up. 🙃
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