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Guide Orianna Midlane Wild Rift | Build and Runes S1

Guide Orianna Wild Rift

The midlaner is like the number 10 in a football team. He is in the centre of the game and must be versatile and creative to lead his team to victory. Among the profiles that coexist, we find Oriannathe cyborg. A true Swiss army knife, the champion has a lot of arguments to control the rhythm of the game and impose his style of play. Solid in lane, it scales quietly but surely to explode in teamfight. By carefully reading our guide Orianna Midlane Wild Rift, you will learn how to master this character with a cold, but devilishly effective gameplay.
In this guide, the central question of the positioning of its sphere, the strategy to adopt in the lane phase and the various possible itemizations for the champion will be addressed. The program is heavy but the game is worth it! 😎

Recommended build for Orianna Midlane: items, runes and skill order

As a mage, Orianna Midlane must logically buy items that increase her power. If, at the beginning of the game, she lacks a bit of damage, her potential grows enormously with time and the items purchased. Taking into account the relative weakness of the champion at the beginning of the game, we recommend that you go for a scaling build that will find its full power at the end of the game. You will then dominate teamfights and be able to instantly erase the existence of the most fragile targets. 😃

Recommended build for Orianna Midlane Wild Rift

Which build for Orianna Midlane Wild Rift?

  • Must-haveitems : The Archangel's Staff is an ideal profile for maximum power and mana. It is usually accompanied at the beginning of the game by an Infinity Orb and a Morellonomicon , which do a lot of good with their magical penetration and small health bonuses.
  • Boots: There is no better choice than the Boots of Lucidity , which allow more frequent access to summoner skills and spells. Then use the Ionian Stasisenchantment to stall in case of danger.
  • Situational items: Orianna is a formidable late-game champion that benefits from high damage. To maximise his potential, it is therefore difficult to do without Rabadon's Cloak and its power boost. However, you are given more freedom for the last slot. In general, you choose Liandry's Torment (classic version), but depending on the opponent's composition, a Void Staff can enter the equation (anti-tank).

Which runes for Orianna Midlane Wild Rift?

  • Main rune: we recommend that you play with the Conqueror rune. If this choice doesn't seem natural, the cyborg has a good survivability with its skills and its late-game itemisation. Thus, it can stay in the fight for a long time and benefit from the damage and sustain bonus. The more classic solution, but less optimal, would be to play with the Electrocution rune for its extra burst.
  • Secondary runes: Orianna must, at all costs, hold its lane phase in order to reach the teamfights without too much turbulence. For this reason, we advise you to focus on useful runes for the beginning of the game. Equip yourself with Brutal (power), Regeneration (sustain) and Mana Ribbon (mana). They will allow you to stay in the lane as much as possible and limit the pressure.

Which skills should be improved first?

Some choose to upgrade to level 1 Order: Protection with the Mechanical Maiden. The idea is not totally absurd and allows you to play aggressively from the beginning of the lane. However, we advise you to opt for a more conservative choice by giving priority to Order: Attack, then to Order: Dissonance and finally to Order: Protection. It is this skill order that allows you to inflict the most damage.

How to make good use of the skills ofOrianna in Midlane?

Orianna inflicts bonus damage on its basic attacks. This damage is amplified up to two times with consecutive attacks on the same target.
Order: attack
Order - attack
Orianna moves its sphere over the targeted area. The sphere wounds the enemies it passes through and stays on the area as long as the cyborg remains close by.
Order: dissonance
Order: dissonance
The sphere releases an electric field that injures enemies on activation. The electric field then slows down opponents, but speeds up allies.
Order: protection
Order: protection
Orianna attaches its sphere to an ally to give it a shield and a resistance bonus. On the way, the ball wounds the crossed enemies.
Order: shock wave
Order: shock wave
The sphere creates a shockwave that injures all enemies in the area and draws them towards the centre.

The lane phase ofOrianna Midlane is usually a quiet one. The champion needs time to scale and get his equipment. We therefore advise you to concentrate on farming, well helped by the passive Clockwork. By combining Order: attack and Order: dissonance while benefiting from the shield of Order: protection, you can try some short trades to poke your opponent. However, be careful not to run out of mana. It might be smarter to use your skills to quickly push your lane. You can control the tempo, block your enemy on the midlane and choose your back timings. Orianna doesn't like to shift too much on sidelanes, but loves to block his opponent on the midlane.

Orianna Wild Rift sphere on allies
Set your sphere on your allies for easier to place ultimates!

In teamfighting, be extra vigilant in monitoring the positioning of your sphere. Fix it on yourself, on an ally or on the ground to find surprising angles of attack and especially to trigger a deadly shockwave on a maximum of enemies. With our itemisation offering good survivability, the mechanical lady will be able to stay in combat for a long time and use her skills over and over again. Hurt your enemies, but don't forget to boost your allies.

With which champion should a good synergy be set up?

Good synergy with Orianna Wild Rift : Malphite
Did you say wombo-combo?

It's not always easy to find the right timing for the ultimate skill ofOrianna... Fortunately, the cyborg can count on the support of her allies. Malphite or Jarvan IV are excellent attachment points that can quickly enter the fray. Orianna just has to fix its sphere on them to trigger Order: shockwave in a family wombo-combo. There will obviously be a few failures from time to time, but try this synergy during your draft phase.

Counter from Orianna midlane Wild Rift: who should we watch out for?

Counter Orianna Wild Rift : Corki
The versatility ofOrianna will not be enough against Corki.

Orianna is a rather passive champion in lane that will always find its use in the late game. However, his beginning of game can be delicate against characters who give a lot of rhythm. One thinks in particular of Corki who can harass the cyborg endlessly with his skills and his basic attacks! Especially, he can both quickly depush and shift on sidelanes with his passive... Orianna will have all the trouble in the world to catch him.

Advanced tips and tricks for playing Orianna Midlane Wild Rift

To maximise your Ranked efficiency with Orianna Midlane, there are a few extra tips to know. At the end of the game, your sphere is a huge pressure point that scares your opponents. So you can place it in the middle of a jungle path to deter passage. Ideal for zoning out enemies while your team kills a Nashor or Baron. In addition, the sphere can be used to facecheck a bush. It gives you vision and reveals mischievous enemies thinking to surprise you. Finally, if you ever lose sight of your sphere, the game gives you a helping hand. A small arrow permanently indicates the direction of your precious ball. There is even a colour code (blue, orange, red) to indicate how far away it is.

Orianna Wild Rift sphere in a bush
A Orianna informed is worth two.

Orianna also has a strategic strength in the draft phase as some play it Support. However, some of the itemisation will have to be reviewed and a more utilitarian gameplay will be required.

We have reached the end of this guide Orianna Midlane Wild Rift. You now know everything about his sphere and all that's left is for you to string together soloQ strikes. 😎
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