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Wild Rift Ranks Guide: How Ranking Works

Wild Rift Ranks Guide: How Ranking Works

Want to shine in ranked games in Summoner's Rift by displaying your best ranking icon? Then follow the guide, we'll tell you all about the ranked system and ranks in Wild Rift.

The Wild Rift ranking system

When you first take part in ranked games in League of Legends: Wild Rift, you will have to start by playing 10 placement matches.

After that, and depending on your results, you will get your rank. There are 10 Wild Rift ranks: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Grand Master and Challenger. Each level is divided into 4 divisions.

Wild Rift ranks by points earned and divisions

Wild Rift's rank system is based on a 3-month season. At the end of a season, you will receive rewards according to the highest Wild Rift rank you have achieved.

You start the new season at a slightly lower rank than this, except for the lowest ranks: Iron, Bronze, Silver and Gold. These remain unchanged. At the top of the rankings, no player starts the season higher than Diamond, as even the Challengers fall back to Diamond 3.

Progressing and increasing in Wild Rift ranks

To advance your Wild Rift rank, you need to accumulate as many victories as possible. Each victory earns you a ranking mark. If you are ranked Iron or Bronze, a defeat will have no consequences, while in the Silver to Emerald tiers, you will lose one.

However, the number of rank marks required to qualify for promotion to the next division increases with level: 2 for Iron, 3 in Bronze and Silver, 4 for Gold and Platinum levels, and 5 in Emerald. Climbing the Wild Rift ranking system will therefore become increasingly difficult.

Wild Rift ranks and ranking marks

From the Diamond rank onwards, there are no more ranking marks. You are now in the big league. If you win a ranked game, you will receive victory points. But beware, you can lose them very quickly if you lose. You need 100 points to move up to the next level.

You now know everything about the Wild Rift ranks. All you have to do now is start playing ranked games to climb the rankings. To help you, I invite you to follow the news of the game on our Wild Rift page.

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