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Wuthering Waves Beginner's Guide | tips and advice

Wuthering Waves Beginner's Guide

Are you a fan of addictive gacha games and pulse-racing combat? Then there's no reason to skip Wuthering Waves. In this new open-world RPG from Kuro Games, you play as the Rover or the Male/Female MC who has awoken from slumber in a land ravaged by the Waveworn Phenomenon. Now, you're set to begin your journey in the futuristic world of Solaris-3, where beauty and chaos collide. Start your adventure with our Wuthering Waves beginner's guide, which offers all the essential tips and tricks including how to master the combat mechanics, upgrade your resonators and more. 

Wuthering Waves Beginner’s Guide: All the Basics for Understanding Gameplay

From character building and team management to exploring vibrant regions and battling challenging bosses, there's always something to do in this new open-world role-playing gacha game. However, because of its complexity, some players might find it difficult to grasp every aspect of the game. Don't worry though as this Wuthering Waves beginner's guide will cover everything you need to know.

Wuthering Waves Beginners Guide

If you've played games like Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasy, Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat, Punishing Gray Raven, or even Elden Ring, you'll have a sense of what this game offers.

Combat System Explained - Wuthering Waves Beginner's Guide

Let’s kick off this Wuthering Waves Beginner's guide by discussing WuWa's combat system, as completely understanding how it works means the difference between winning and losing each fight. 

In Wuthering Waves, your team can include up to three characters, also known as Resonators. Although you can only control one character at a time, you can switch between them during combat. This allows you to create teams with excellent synergies, enabling you to pull off devastating combos.

Each Resonator has their own element, kind of like other games: Aero, Electro, Fusion, Glacio, Havoc and Spectro. While these elements don't exactly combine into wild reactions, they still play a key role in combat. We'll dive into how that works a bit later in this guide.

Now let’s head to the attacks of each character, which is crucial in each fight. Find all of the attacks that you can cast and how they work in this Wuthering Waves Beginner's guide.

Wuthering Waves Attacks Beginners Guide

  • Normal Attacks: First off, normal attacks come in different types: basic, heavy, plunge, and dodge attacks. Basic attacks are just a simple tap of the attack button, while heavy attacks require you to hold it down. Plunge attacks are a bit trickier—they happen when you attack while you're mid-air, and they use stamina, just like heavy attacks do. Then there's dodge attacks, which happen when you successfully dodge and then immediately follow up with an attack. Not only can this save you from a big hit, but it also gives you back some stamina.
  • Resonator Skills: Resonator Skills are active abilities with cooldowns that you trigger by clicking a skill button. Depending on the character, these skills can dish out damage, apply buffs, or offer other utilities. Plus, they help generate energy for Resonator Liberation, which is basically your ultimate attack.
  • Resonance Liberation: Resonance Liberation is basically their ultimate that triggers a special animation. Pretty much like Resonator Skills, it is cast by tapping on the button which triggers a strong ability. Fill up the Resonance Liberation using your skills in order to cast it. 
  • Forte Circuit: Additionally, every Resonator has a unique forte circuit that activates once you've filled the bar and used the right abilities. To check when it's ready, just glance above your health bar. If you see a waveform pattern, it means the circuit is charged and ready to be used. 
  • Parry Attacks: If an enemy has a yellow circle around them, it’s a signal that you can parry their attack. To do so, you need to time your attacks or skills just right. It might take a bit of practice to nail the timing, but keep at it, and you'll get the hang of it. Parrying not only prevents damage but also has other benefits. Larger enemies have a white gauge under their health bar that depletes with each successful parry. Once the gauge is empty, the enemy is stunned, giving you ample time to unleash your strongest attacks.
  • Quick-time Events: Wuthering Waves requires three team members, but unlike other games that just let you switch characters, this game has a Quick-Time Event (QTE) feature. This lets you smoothly continue your Resonators' combos as they tag in and out. To trigger this, you need to fill up the Concerto Energy bar, located on the left side of your health bar. You can determine which attacks they will release as they enter and leave the field by looking at their Intro and Outro skills.

Wuthering Waves Character Progression: How to Upgrade Resonator

In addition to mastering combat mechanics, it's crucial to focus on your Resonators and their levels. As they level up, you gain access to improved stats, making them stronger. Additionally, our Wuthering Waves Beginner's Guide recommend to upgrade your Forte, which enhances your Resonators' skills. Make sure to set aside time to farm for these resources, as enemies become tougher as your account level increases.

Wuthering Waves Beginners Guide Character Progression Baizhi

Weapons are super important too. You can get them from Gacha pulls or by farming, and then you can level them up to make them stronger.

Another key item to keep in mind is Echoes. These are like gear that gives you extra stats, special effects, and even some unique skills. Each Resonator can equip up to five Echoes, and one of them determines which Special Echo skill you can use. Choose Echoes that fit your characters' needs. For instance, if you have a character who deals Electro damage, the Void Thunder set might be your best bet.

Echoes Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves Beginner's Guide: Understanding the WuWa Summoning System

Wuthering Waves, like many other RPGs, features a Gacha or Summoning system called Convenes, where you can acquire Resonators and Weapons of varying rarities.

Wuthering Waves Convene Beginners Guide

This system has multiple banners, each requiring Astrites (160 per pull) or Tides to summon. All banners have the same rates for acquiring Resonators or Weapons, with a 0.8% chance for 5-stars and a 6% chance for 4-stars.

Banner Required Ticket or Currency Pity System
Novice Convene 160 Astrites or Lustrous Tides
  • Guaranteed to obtain one 5-star Resonator within 50 Convenes. 
  • Single pulls are not possible, however you receive 20% discount. 
Permanent Character Convene 160 Astrites or Lustrous Tides
  • Guaranteed to obtain one 5-star Resonator within 80 Convenes. 
  • Gives a chance to obtain characters including Verina, Encore, Calcharo, Lingyang and Jianxin.
Permanent Weapon Convene 160 Astrites or Lustrous Tides
  • Guaranteed to obtain one 5-star Weapon within 80 Convenes. 
  • Gives a chance to obtain Emerald of Genesis, Abyss Surges, Static Mist, Cosmic Ripples and Lustrous Razor. 
Character Event Convene 160 Astrites or Radiant Tides
  • Guaranteed to obtain one 5-star Resonator within 80 Convenes. 
  • Features one limited 5-star Resonator and 3 4-star Resonators.
  • Guaranteed to obtain one 5-star Resonator within 80 Convenes.
  • Provides 50% chance of getting the rate-up character when pulling for a 5-star resonator. 
  • Losing the 50/50 guarantees that the next 5-star will be the rate-up character. 
Weapon Event Convene 160 Astrites or Forging Tides
  • Guaranteed to obtain one 5-star Weapon within 80 Convenes. 
  • Features one limited 5-star Weapon and 3 4-star Weapons.
  • Provides 100% Chance of getting the rate-up weapon

To help you decide which characters you should pull for, don't hesitate to explore our Wuthering Waves Tier List!

Wuthering Waves Beginner's Guide : More useful tips and tricks

Besides getting the hang of combat and leveling up your Resonators, we've got more handy tips and tricks in this Wuthering Waves Beginner's Guide! We suggest following each bit of advice as it'll definitely help you stay ahead.

Explore the WuWa Map 

In open-world games like Wuthering Waves, exploration is a big deal. It lets you wander the map, find hidden spots, and pick up all sorts of goodies that can help you level up your characters. But heads up as you might run into enemies that are tougher than expected or puzzles that make you scratch your head. To make exploring a bit easier, try using the Wuthering Waves Interactive Map to mark the chests you've opened and learn where to find the rest. 

Wuthering Waves Exploration Guide

Use Waveplate wisely

Wuthering Waves has a stamina system, and the stamina currency is called Waveplates. This is your ticket to enter challenges, dive into dungeons, and gather materials. You can stockpile up to 240 Waveplates, with one regenerating every 6 minutes. To make the most of them, use your Waveplates daily so they don't go to waste!

Follow the Main and Side Quests in Wuthering Waves

Just like in other RPGs, Wuthering Waves has quests that let you explore the rich story while earning rewards. Completing these quests not only helps you gain EXP faster, but also unlocks new game modes and regions to explore.

Finish the Milestones

When you first enter the game, you'll find a series of beginner quests called the Milestones. In this Wuthering Waves Beginner's Guide, we recommend you to complete these missions as soon as you can, as they offer rewards that give you a strong head start.

Wuthering Waves Milestones

Engage in different WuWa Game modes

In Wuthering Waves, there are many game modes available that you can enter, that can either give weapon, exp, ascension, echo and skill materials. 

On the other hand, there's the Tower of Adversity, the game's unique take on tower modes, featuring three levels: the Stable Zone, Experimental Zone, and Hazard Zone. In this game mode, you're not just battling enemies; you're also racing against the clock, as the rewards you earn depend on how quickly you complete each stage.

Redeem Wuthering Waves Codes

Wuthering Waves offers plenty of content that provides Astrites and other resources, but you can also score freebies without lifting a finger by redeeming codes! These codes are often shared on Wuthering Waves' social media accounts, but you can also bookmark our guide, which lists all active Wuthering Waves codes and explains how to redeem them.

Wuthering Waves codes

Complete your daily quests and missions in Wuthering Waves

Don't forget to complete your daily missions! These are sets of tasks that refresh every day, with each mission rewarding you with anywhere from 20 to 100 points. As you complete them, you unlock chests that may contain Astrites, EXP, and other valuable items.

That's where our in-depth Wuthering Waves Beginner's Guide ends! There are plenty of things to master inside the game, but rest assured that you'll get the hang of it soon especially with our advice. If you enjoy this guide, visit our Wuthering Waves tips and tricks section to find more! 

Heizo A writer with a love-hate relationship with role-playing games, gacha, MOBA, and first-person shooters. In her free time, you'll usually find her either whiffing her shots or recovering from a massive tilt.
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