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Brawl Stars Sam and Gus: the two new brawlers arrival

During the Brawl Talk of September 2022, available on the game's YouTube channel, we discovered the arrival of two new fighters, Gus ...[Read More]

Stunt Show: season 12 of Brawl Stars

After the introduction of Eve in season Biodome, two new brawlers make their appearance in season 12 of Brawl Star...[Read More]

Brawl Talk December 2021, 2 new Brawlers: Grom and Fang

Return of Brawlidays, arrival of two new brawlers Grom and Fang, 3rd anniversary of the game's worldwide release, new Duels mode and skins ...[Read More]

Update: Brawl Stars gear and the arrival of clubs

The Brawl Stars equipment and many other new features will be included in the 17 November update. Amongst them, we learn that the level of the...[Read More]

Brawl Stars PSG Cup: Reply Totem from Italy win the title

Paris Saint-Germain is not only a football club. It also has a esport section which runs very well on Brawl Stars. Al...[Read More]

Update Power League : a new competitive mode on Brawl Stars !

The new competitive mode Power League has been introduced with the latest update of Brawl Stars. This ranked mode should arouse the curiosity of many players.[Read More]

Brawl Stars Championship 2021: AC Milan QLASH on top!

AC Milan is a mythical football club with a history of success. But football is not its only field of play.[Read More]

Brawl Stars Championship 2021 programme

Unfortunately, the start of 2021 is likely to be at least as disruptive as 2020. However,esport does not hesitate to...[Read More]

Brawl Stars: 2 new Brawlers, Byron and Edgar, coming soon

Christmas is coming with a lot of presents. The mobile game Brawl Stars will not be outdone and will also have its share of surprises for its community. Developers of the game will...[Read More]

PSG crowned world champions of Brawl Stars

THIS IS PARIS! It's all very well for Olympique de Marseille fans to repeat all day long that OM is the only French club to have won the title...[Read More]

Brawl Stars Championship begins

Hold on to your belts! The start of the Brawl Stars Championship finals is imminent. 8 teams will fight for the final victory. They will fight against each other...[Read More]

World Brawl Stars 2020: 1 million cash prize!

Theesport is above all a story of performance, competition and talent. But it is also about money...[Read More]

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