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Sony fears Microsoft will give it an inferior version of Call of Duty for its Playstation port

Put on your tinfoil hats and enter the conspiracy space with Sony. Despite Microsoft's recent deals with Nvidia and Ninte...[Read More]

Call of Duty Mobile season 1: Reawakening, the update contents

Like every year, we're starting over with the Call of Duty Mobile season 1: Reawakening which is about to be deployed in a few days. Discover...[Read More]

Call of Duty Mobile season 7: New Vision City, the new features of the update

After season 6 To the Skies, which featured air vehicles, Activision has just launched Call of Duty Mobile: Season 7, which features a lo...[Read More]

Call of Duty Mobile season 6: To the Skies update content

After a tropical season, get some height in Call of Duty Mobile with season 6, To the Skies, coming in a few days. Let's take a look at the...[Read More]

COD Warzone Mobile alpha to be called Project Aurora

Great news for FPS fans, as Activision has just announced the launch of an alpha phase of COD Warzo...[Read More]

Call of Duty Mobile season 4: Wild Dogs, what's new

It's time for a new season for Activision's flagship FPS. And for this season 4, Call of Duty Mobile: Wild Dogs will be...[Read More]

Call of Duty Warzone mobile release leaked for 2022

Many of you are wondering if and when Call of Duty Warzone will be released on mobile. Given the boom in the mobile gaming market over the last few years, it's not surprising that...[Read More]

COD Mobile season 9: Nightmare, update content

With COD Mobile Season 9: Nightmare comes a whole new slice of Halloween content, but also some new elements. New features include ...[Read More]

Undead Siege : The return of the Call of Duty Mobile Zombie Mode

You were waiting for it and here it is! Call of Duty Mobile's Zombie mode is back, much to the delight of fans. New game modes and a new...[Read More]

Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 theme, content and date finally announced

After a great season 4, CoD Mobile is just starting to talk about the details of its season 5. According to the first images posted on Tw...[Read More]

Warzone Mobile: Gameplays, release date... The latest CoD news!

The very popular Call of Duty Warzone game seems to be coming to mobile! We already told you about the possibility of a mobile version...[Read More]

CoD Mobile: one team disqualified for BM

All video game enthusiasts who play online games are familiar with the BM (Bad Manners) phenomenon. There are several ways in which BMs can occur...[Read More]

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