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Two Clash of Clans mini-games for the 10th anniversary of the game

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the game, Supercell has just added two mini-games in Clash of Clans. These two arcade games represent the...[Read More]

Clash of Clans army training becomes free

After the arrival of clan capitals and raid weekends last month, it's now time to look at the operation of the entr...[Read More]

Clash of Clans raid weekends, Clan Capital and the Forge

Almost 9 years after its release, the first game in the Clash franchise keeps adding new content. And today it's a new version of the ...[Read More]

All about Clashiversary, info on the 9 years of Clash of Clans !

One year away from celebrating a decade of existence, Clash of Clans is taking advantage of the month of August to blow out its 9th candle. Like every year, this Clash of Clans...[Read More]

Clash of Clans championship final: ATN.aTTaX world champion

The best team in the Clash of Clans world is now known. The ATN.Attax team was crowned world champions this weekend, and they are now the best team in the world...[Read More]

It's the start of the Clash of Clans World Championship!

As at the end of each calendar year, the various competitive seasons of theesport mobile are coming to an end. While the championships have been...[Read More]

Two teams invited to the CoC World Championship

There is no right or wrong way to be a world champion. No matter how many steps you take, history only remembers the best...[Read More]

Darkest MuZhan will be at the Clash of Clans World Championship

Everyone wants their place in the Clash of Clans World Cup. However, the number of Golden Tickets is limited to 6 and the more time passes, the more the Golden Ticket will be used.[Read More]

x6tence new King of the Castle on Clash of Clans

The Clash of Clans World Championship is fast approaching and teams are in the starting blocks. While the dates and format are being ...[Read More]

Clash of Clans World Championship: dates revealed!

The team roadmap for the Clash of Clans World Championship is now much clearer as the dates for the competition have been set.[Read More]

Clash of Clans short film released!

Clash of Clans (CoC) is one of the most popular mobile games. Developed by the studio Supercell, all its lights are green. It has been very well received by...[Read More]

Ni Chang Dance qualifies for the Clash of Clans Worlds

After the Korean team Vatang, another Asian team has qualified for the next Clash of Clans World Championships. In ...[Read More]

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