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Coin Master
Downloads: + 100 000 000

Coin Master is a popular mobile game in which players make daily draws by launching a slot machine. These draws yield rewards of all kinds: gold coins, experience potions, anti-attack shields, the ability to loot a village or attack another, and so on. With the money collected from their crimes and jackpots, players can improve the visual elements of their village and unlock other villages with a variety of different settings.

Coin Master lets you play with your friends and swap cards with them, but focuses more on the competitive aspect of the game, with the world masters ranking taking pride of place. Despite its free-to-play appearance, the game quickly becomes pay-to-play if you don't know where to look for free spins or if you tend to develop addictive behaviour easily.

Why is Coin Master so popular?

Among mobile games of the slot machine type, Coin Master has definitely managed to stand out from the crowd, for a number of reasons:

  • Its social gameplay: the game's developers have relied heavily on the possibility of exchanging and sharing gaming experiences via social networks. The proof is in the pudding: as soon as they log on for the first time, players are immediately invited to connect their account to their Facebook profile. This is tempting, because as well as sharing your successes with your friends, combining the two accounts gives you a link to free spins!

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  • The competitive aspect: it's well known that competitive games attract a huge number of players. Coin Master understands this and offers rankings of the best players, as well as tournaments and the creation of teams, encouraging collaboration and competition between players.
  • Coin Master, a user-friendly game: there's nothing easier or more enjoyable than playing this slot machine game, simply because it's so easy to get to grips with. Everything is done to simplify the experience and make players want to come back to the app.

This easily explains why Coin Master is THE slot game that has won over so many users!

Is Coin Master a legal game?

Despite its resemblance to a casino game, Coin Master is perfectly legal and you can download it freely from any Android or iOS store. However, like many games, Coin Master can be subject to scams, particularly free spins scams. So, to avoid any nasty surprises, we urge you to check out our Coin Master free spins links: they're legal, valid and give you rewards every day.

How many levels are there in Coin Master?

The levels are called 'villages' and, at the moment, there are 422 of them. Each village, with its unique theme, corresponds to a level that players must complete in order to move on to the next village. To do this, you'll need to spend money to build buildings and reach the goal set by the level.

How do I play Coin Master?

Playing Coin Master couldn't be easier: just download the game onto your Android or iOS mobile and enjoy the adventure! If you prefer, you can also play Coin Master on your PC.

Don't worry: the rules of the game are extremely simple, since it works on the principle of a slot machine. Spin the machine's reels by clicking on "Play" and wait a few seconds for your reward! This reward allows you to unlock various features in the game, and thus to increase your level.

To master the game and make the most of your experience, don't hesitate to consult our Coin Master tips and tricks!

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