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Dislyte Tips

What are the best Dislyte 5 star Espers ?

In this Tier list Dislyte 5 stars, we present you the best 5* espers according to different categories. You will find our selection of the best 5* hotels in the world.[Read More]

Dislyte Fafnir 10 Guide : Team and Strategy for F10 success

Fafnir 10 in Dislyte is the last boss of the Ritual Erebium and the most difficult of the trio. His level 8 is roughly equivalent to difficulty 10...[Read More]

Dislyte Kronos 10 Guide : Team and Strategy for K10 Success

Kronos 10 Dislyte is the most accessible boss of the Ritual Erebium in early game. Facing him allows you to unlock the relics sets of Kronos...[Read More]

Dislyte Apep 10 Guide: Team and Strategy for A10 Success

Apep 10 in Dislyte is the second boss of the Ritual Erebium. It represents an intermediate difficulty, even if possessing some espers will g...[Read More]

Team to pass the floors of the Dislyte Tower

The Tower Dislyte, also known as the Space Tower, is a content of the infinite Erebium. It has 100 floors offering rewards...[Read More]

What resources to buy with the Dislyte crystals?

As in many gachas, the management of the different resources of the game is very important in the title from Farlight Games. In this guide, we will show you how to...[Read More]

Learn all about the action points (AP) in Dislyte

The APs Dislyte designate the action points and are an essential mechanic in the game's battles. However, it is not uncommon for...[Read More]

How to get Dislyte Gold Record ?

The golden disks of Dislyte are essential since they are used to make espers invocations. This resource is therefore very valuable...[Read More]

What are the best Dislyte 4 star Espers ?

Here is our tier list of the best 4 star espers in Dislyte. While these characters may not have as good stats as their legendary counterparts, they're still the best...[Read More]

Strategy and team to pass Dislyte chapter 12-8 in Easy mode

Chapter 12-8 of Dislyte is a pretty big step because of its difficulty. Ideally, having top tier espers like Clara, Unas or G...[Read More]

Dislyte Relics Guide: early game, stats and optimization

The relics Dislyte are essential. Thanks to them, espers become stronger. Each hero has room to equip a set of relics from the same set...[Read More]

Where and how to xp the Espers from Dislyte ?

You get xp esper Dislyte by simply doing the game content. Whether it's the story mode, the trials or even in the war of the points...[Read More]

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