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Phone screens 90 Hz, 120 Hz, 144 Hz | Complete list

The refresh rate of a screen is expressed in Hertz (Hz). Whether on telephone screens, tablets, computers or even televisions, the refresh rate indicates the number of times the screen is refreshed.... [Read More]

5 future mobile games to watch in 2019 and beyond

Find out what's on the horizon for years to come in smartphone gaming The future of mobile gaming is not only promising, it's also full of positive vibes and possibilities. As you play, you'll be able to... [Read More]

Mobile Gamers' Mad Spending in 2015

Mobile gamers' spending in 2015 is staggering! As you can see in the picture below, Game of War surpasses all of its peers with an average of $549 spent by each player! The Slic website... [Read More]

Opening of

At the end of an unbearable suspense, the team of is proud to welcome you on this beautiful, brand new site. We are therefore pleased to inform you that it finally opens its doors. You will find here the... [Read More]

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