Mobile gamers' staggering spending in 2015

mobile player spending 2015

Mobile gamers' spending in 2015 is staggering! As you can see in the image below, Game of War outperforms all of its peers with an average of $549 spent by each player!

The website Slice Intelligence has released a study on the most profitable mobile games in 2015. The amounts are quite impressive. Please note that not all players paid this amount, it's an average per head of course.

mobile player spending 2015

As you can see, Game of War is still almost 2 times more profitable than its colleague Summoners War!

We add to that a small comparison with traditional players (consoles/PC).

As we can see, mobile gamers are not far behind traditional gamers! It should not be forgotten that traditional gamers are now in the minority, since they represent only 37.8% of gamers, compared to 43% for mobile gamers. Note that 19.2% of the panel plays both.

Gamers Mobile, get your credit cards ready!

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