You can now cast spells Harry Potter on your iPhone

iphone output Harry Potter

With news that the sublime Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy could be released in September, an HP game with gorgeous graphics and multiplayer elements, Siri is getting in on the act. You can now cast spells on your iPhone to make it perform some basic commands.

Launching Lumos on your iPhone with Siri

As we all know, Potterheads are always on the lookout for a little magic in their lives, something to bring the mysterious world of their favourite wizards into their daily lives. And while "Hey Siri " may not be new to Apple smartphone users, it's now getting a new lease on life.

Here are the steps to take to go from muggle to wizard with your iPhone:

  • Have Hey Siri enabled on your smartphone;
  • Go to device options, Settings > Siri & Search > Detect "Hey Siri " ;
  • And finally, still in the same menu, enable Siri with locked screen, so you can use your powers even when the device is not visually active.
Lumos Harry Potter Siri Sort

There are currently 3 spells Harry Potter configured for Siri by default:

  • "Accio" which launches the application of your choice (ideal for a remote auto-shazam for example);
  • "Lumos" that lights up your iPhone lamp;
  • "Nox" that turns off your iPhone lights.

However, don't feel limited by this system as the Gadget Hacks site has listed 11 spells Harry Potter for iPhone to set up with a few clicks.

Note that this system also works on the default Android Google Assistant. With a little extra magic and a few connected light bulbs, you could bring light or darkness to your home with a single spell Harry Potter .

For fans of Harry Potter, this trailer for the 2020 Hogwarts Legacy should get your hype going again.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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