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Brawl Stars Championship 2021: AC Milan QLASH on top!

AC Milan is a mythical football club with a history of success. But football is not its only playground; the football club also has a department esport. AC Milan QLA .[Read more]

What future esport for Legends of Runeterra (LoR)?

Legends of Runeterra (LoR) was released just under a year ago. Inspired by the League of Legends universe, this trading card game appeals to avid fans of lore. Indeed, it allows you to play with your friends and...[Read More]

Esport Wild Rift: $200,000 tournament in the Philippines

While LoL: Wild Rift has not yet arrived in every country in the world, the competitive fever is already being felt. It's not yet clear what the future ofesport Wild Rift will bring, but the competition ...[Read more]

TFT Fates Championship: all about the competition

The TFT Fates Championship will be launched in April and the best tacticians will face each other in a battle for the title. The winner will be crowned with glory, as the competition is the championship of the m...[Read More]

Fair play takes priority over Clash Royale

Good news for the Clash Royale players who plan to play in the next Clash Royale League. Supercell has decided to go the extra mile to provide a safe and enjoyable competitive environment for all. Fair play is a...[Read More]

Program of the Brawl Stars Championship 2021

Unfortunately, the beginning of 2021 is likely to be at least as disrupted as the year 2020. Nevertheless,esport is not stopping and the organizers have made arrangements to continue...[Read More]

Nova Esports wins the PMGC Finals

The competition was intense and beautiful, but in the end, there could only be one winner! With 319 points accumulated, the Chinese team Nova Esports won the PMGC Finals Season 0. It was the only team to win the PMGC...[Read more]

PUBG Mobile Global Championship Finals Soon to Begin

The finals of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) start in a few days. All 16 teams are in the starting blocks and most of the participants have already arrived in Dubai, the competition venue. The pandemic ...[Read More]

Club Open PUBG MOBILE 2021: instructions for use

The year has only just begun, but the first esport competitions on mobile are already starting. The best players in the world who want to try their luck at the Club Open PUBG MOBILE 2021 can now compete in the...[Read more] [Read more]

CRL 2021: details of the cash-prize and qualifier format

The year 2021 is already on the horizon. While some people are still immersed in their Christmas presents, Supercell, for his part, is not idle. There's a competitive season to prepare for and CRL 2021 (Clash Royale...[Reading More]

Record cash-prize for the Clash Royale League 2021

2020 is coming to an end and to be honest, we're in quite a hurry to turn the page! Without being totally white, the esport season has also suffered from this so particular context of global pandemic. L’...[Read More]

First tournament esport : Wild Rift Pentaboom Showdown

While the French have only just discovered LoL: Wild Rift, some Asian countries have been playing the game for several weeks now. These lucky ones were part of the first wave of release. They're taking advantage ...[Read More]

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