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What future esport for LoL: Wild Rift with the banns?

Riot Games greatly enjoys developing the competitive aspect of its games. LoL: Wild Rift, the mobile version of League of Leagues, is a...[Read More]

Invictus Gaming signs 3 pro players on TFT

Invictus Gaming knows its League of Legends universe inside out. The Chinese organization, world champion in the League of Legends, has been...[Read More]

Season 4 of the Red Bull Mobile Esports Open is coming

Red Bull, the famous energy drink brand, is giving wings to gamers and is investing more and more in the gaming world.[Read More]

UNO Championship Series : $50,000 tournament esport

We didn't see this one coming... The famous UNO (party game) card game will be organising in November...[Read More]

TSM FTX presents its Free Fire roster

Since a few weeks, TSM (Team SoloMid) has become TSM FTX. The partnership has been the talk of the town, with the result being an XXL deal...[Read More]

Wild Rift Summer Showdown: Team Liquid organizes its tournament

Team Liquid (TL) does not yet have a team on LoL: Wild Rift but it should be soon. This American structure esport ...[Read More]

Wild Rift Origin Series: teams prepare

LoL: Wild Rift is surely aiming to quickly become a top game esport on mobile. The mobile version of League of L...[Read More]

Legendary Contest: successful start esport for Million Lords!

Millions Lords is not yet one of the top disciplines esport on mobile. But this online multiplayer game, developed by...[Read More]

CoD Mobile: one team disqualified for BM

All video game enthusiasts who play online games are familiar with the BM (Bad Manners) phenomenon. There are many...[Read More]

Wild Rift Worlds to arrive in late 2021

When it comes toesport, it's hard to miss Riot Games. On PC, this giant can count on League of Legends, Valo...[Read More]

World 100 Invitational results on Lost Centuria

The results of the World 100 Invitational are now in and this exhibition tournament lived up to its promise. It was a real success.[Read More]

World 100 Invitational announcement on Lost Centuria

In a little over a week, Summoners War: Lost Centuria will finally be officially released. While the community has been waiting for the...[Read More]

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