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Clash Royale World Finals start this weekend

Clash Royale League 2020 World Finals

Get out the guillotines, it's time to cut off some royal heads! This weekend sees the start of the Clash Royale World Finals and you don't want to miss out on this summit tournament. It's the end of the competitive season and 8 teams are vying for the throne. The competition is held on Chinese time and starts on Saturday 5th December at 5am French time. So you will have to be mentally strong for the players but also for the French spectators. To give you an extra reason to cut your night's sleep, you should know that there will be a little Frenchie to support. Jarod Emmanuel "Azilys" Quesada will be there with Tribe Gaming.

To make the competition even more intense, we hope you have had time to fill your Fantasy Team with your favourite players. At the moment, the three most popular stars are Morten, Jack and Lciop.

Clash Royale World Finals: the 8 qualified teams

No jealousy for this competition. There will be 4 teams from each conference at the Clash Royale Worlds Finals.

  • Western Conference: Tribe Gaming, SK Gaming, Pain Gaming and Team Queso
  • Eastern Conference: W. EDGM, Ponos, Nova Esports and FAV Gaming

These teams are not there by chance and qualified during the regular season. They have all had their ups and downs and arrive with different dynamics. But for the final sprint, the counters are reset and everyone has a chance, even if the final table operates with a seeded system. There are no fratricidal duels in the quarter-finals and everyone faces an opponent from the other conference, which will make for some epic West vs East duels. In addition, the seeds are crossed. The first seeds play the fourth seeds and the second seeds play the third seeds. The tree is knockout and any loss will be fatal.

Which team is the favourite?

In the East, two teams are looking particularly strong to win the Clash Royale World Finals. PONOS flew through the regular season (12-2) of their conference, but surprisingly lost in the final to Nova Esports. This structure is well known internationally as it won the first Worlds in 2018 and was also present in 2019. They know the pressure and are looking to use their experience to add a second star to their jersey.

In the West, the level seems to be more homogeneous and everyone can do well. We'd put a little money on Team Queso who are on an irresistible dynamic at the end of the season. But our heart is still set on Tribe Gaming and its Frenchman!

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