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Club Open PUBG MOBILE 2021: instructions for use

Club Open PUBG Mobile 2021

The year has only just begun, but the first esport mobile competitions are already underway. The best players in the world who want to try their luck at Club Open PUBG MOBILE 2021 can now register. It's up to you to build your squad and go for the royal victory. The tournament is open to competitors from all 27 regions of the world. They'll be competing for a cool$1,642,000 cash prize, but not only that. The PUBG MOBILE 2021 Club Open also features qualifying spots for the PUBG Mobile World Championship, the premier event of the season. Getting qualified early is surely the best way to start the year!

But be careful not to rush into anything. This XXL tournament will be spread over several weeks with different qualifying phases and a final phase. Moreover, if the tournament is open to all, you must still meet several conditions when registering (age, ranking, nationality ...). For you, here are the instructions for the competition.

Club Open PUBG MOBILE 2021 regions
The regions of the competition.

Club Open PUBG MOBILE 2021: tournament schedule

Currently, we are in the registration phase of the PUBG MOBILE 2021 Open Club. Players are finalising their preparation and have the opportunity to refine their team synergy. Things get serious from 1 February onwards.

  • 1-7 February, qualifications: the qualification matches take place over one week. The organisation divides the matches according to the number of clubs registered in each region.
  • 16 to 21 February, regional group matches: a big skimming is to be expected to keep the best teams from each region
  • 24-28 February, regional final: determines the best team in each region.

Of the 27 regions, France alone represents one. Europe is rather well off, with Germany and the United Kingdom also represented. However, there is no trace ofIndia for the PUBG MOBILE 2021 Open Club. It must be said that the Indian government has still not lifted the ban on the game in the country.

Club Open PUBG MOBILE 2021 calendar

Conditions of registration

The PUBG MOBILE 2021 Open Club in its description promises to launch careers inesport. However, there are several conditions that must be met to enter the competition.

  • Players must be of legal age in their country. For players who are not of age but are over 16,parental consent is possible
  • At least 3 players in the squad must be nationals of the region concerned. Residents count as nationals if they have proof of residence for more than 6 months.
  • Platinum ranking is the minimum to register
  • Only mobile players can participate: no tablets and no emulators.

If you meet all of these conditions, all you have to do is register 😉

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