Overview ofesport in France

Statistics onesport in France in 2021

Despite the global health crisis we have just experienced,esport remains a booming sector. But what aboutesport in France? Let's analyse the results of the France Esports Barometer to understand where our population stands in the world of video game competition.

French people who undertake and federate

The French community is very engaged on the internet, as recently demonstrated by the Pixel War. This is also the case inesport. For example, the LFL (the French League of Legends) is one of the best national leagues. Its audience regularly exceeds that of the European league, especially during the Karmine Corp. games.

We could also mention the Trackmania Cup, organised every year by ZeratoR, and whose 8th edition final will take place on June 4th in the mythicalAccor Arena (formerly Bercy). This competition has grown so much within the Trackmania community that some professional players like KC Bren prefer to concentrate on the TM Cup, even if it means leaving the Trackmania Grand League, the official competition of the game, behind.

Interest inesport in France

Let's talk about figures. In 2021, 9,400,000 French people over the age of 15 will be interested inesport, either as practitioners or as consumers. This is 1,600,000 more than in 2020 and represents about 20% of them. The France Esports barometer classifies its statistics according to three profiles of video game players in France.

Player profiles esport in France

It can be seen that among the general public, parity is almost respected with 51% of women and 49% of men. On the other hand, among theesport amateurs, only 7% are women.

Types of games esport in France

Now that we know a little more about the profiles of our players, let's take a look at the types of games most popular with the French.

A quarter of mainstream gamers prefer arcade racing games. Just behind, FPS were chosen by 21%, followed by Battle Royale and sports games, at 18% and 16% respectively.

In first place for esport players, we find FPS, closely followed by Battle Royale. For esport hobby gamers, MOBAs are the only ones in the lead with 70%. However, 50% said they play FPS and 24% said they play sports arcade games.

The competitions esport that the French watch

For both mainstream and recreational gamers esport , FIFA is their first choice when they decide to watchesport. The other most cited games are Call of Duty Warzone, Fortnite and League of Legends. You will note that all of these titles have had or will have a mobile port with CoD Warzone mobile, the portable version of Fortnite and LoL: Wild Rift already in its third season.

The most watched competitions esport in France

As for the esport players, 76% of them watch competitions on League of Legends, but also on Counter-Strike, Rocket League, Valorant and Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

So now you know a little more aboutesport in France, its consumers and preferences. These statistics are obviously aimed at PC gaming, but many mobile gamers also use other video game media in France, which is why these statistics seemed interesting to study together.

If you want to go further, the France Esports Barometer contains a very interesting section on health. And for more information on competitions in video games, go to our category dedicated to theesport.

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