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Europe SWC 2020 Cup: French ROSITH participates in the final tournament!

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Cock-a-doodle-doo! There were already plenty of reasons to follow the Summoners War World Championship. But with the qualification of the French ROSITH, we hope that the community will be there to support the French player. The latter obtained his qualification for the SWC 2020 by finishing second in the European Cup. A first place would have been nice, but the most important is the qualification. In addition, he will have the opportunity to take his revenge in the final tournament. Now that we know all the eight qualifiers, we have to prepare for the final stretch and aim for the title. #ROSITHWIN

There was another Frenchman in this Europe SWC 2020. Unfortunately for CHENE, he didn't manage to get his place... It must be said that the draw was cruel for us. The two Frenchies were placed in the same half of the bracket. With a Franco-French duel in the semi-finals, there was bound to be a disappointment... Nevertheless, we congratulate CHENE for his great performance!

Did you miss the European Cup? The replay is already available!

The two European qualifiers for the 2020 SWC: ROSITH and VIILIPYTTY

For those of you who are still confused about the different phases of the SWC 2020, we invite you to read our guide to the tournament! While most of the regional cups had already awarded the precious tickets for the final phases, only Europe had not yet designated its representatives. The competition was tough and the pressure was on for the 8 European competitors. In a knockout bracket, no one had the right to make a mistake...

In this context, the Finnish VIILIPYTTY was untouchable. He won the European Cup without losing a single round... 2-0 in the quarter against OBABO, 3-0 in the semi-final against ZERPOLITA and again 3-0 in the final. It's hard to do better! ROSITH has not lost everything and will also be at the SWC 2020. This is his second consecutive World Cup appearance. Last year he made a semi-final, let's hope for him to do even better in 2020!

Europe SWC 2020 Cup finalists with ROSITH
In the end, only one will remain!

The identity of the 8 participants in the SWC 2020 final tournament

ROSITH and VIILIPYTTY are therefore among the 8 competitors who will fight for the SWC 2020. They join the 6 other regional champions who dominated the other cups. We can see that this year, destiny is doing things right.
The 8 participants come from 8 different countries:

  • Americas region: JMAK (Canada) and TROKAMOO (USA);
  • Asia region: MR.CHUNG (Hong Kong), L'EST (China), CHARMI (South Korea) and GAIA (Taiwan);
  • European region: VIILIPYTTY (Finland) and ROSITH (France).

It is difficult to define a favourite with certainty. Moreover, with the global pandemic, there haven't been many tournaments pitting nationals from different regions against each other... So the competition seems particularly open this year, especially since big names like Thompsin (runner-up in 2019) won't be there. May the best win, especially if it's ROSITH 😉

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  1. Tipsalewo

    Hi hi! My bad, I went a bit too fast in reversing the finalist and the champion 😉 thanks for your keen eye!

  2. Izou

    Small mistake at the end... Thompsin did not win the 2019 SWC, the winner was THE EAST.


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