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Fair play first on Clash Royale

Fair-Play Clash Royale

Good news for players of Clash Royale players who plan to participate in the upcoming Clash Royale League. Supercell has decided to go all out to provide a safe and enjoyable competitive environment for all. Fair play on Clash Royale will be the priority this year and the organiser wants to ensure that the beautiful game can be freely expressed. While toxic players are a visible minority, it is not uncommon to come across some awkward characters. The best players in the world, some of whom serve as role models, have all the more responsibility and must be beyond reproach!

All players who are in the top 1, 000 at each Monthly Qualifier will receive a manual check from a dedicated Supercell fair play team. This is a strong promise when many games simply use a bot that lets a significant number of culprits slip through the cracks.

Fair play on Clash Royale: the main points

Clash Royale League 2021

The full rules and terms of use of the game can be found on the Internet. However, they can quickly become indigestible and tedious to read. But since fair play is a serious issue at Clash Royale, we've summarised the most important aspects for you:

  • It is forbidden to share your account with another player. Accounts that have had multiple users in the last 2 seasons (in-game) may be banned from the competition.
  • Players who have obtained gems through illicit means (other than the official shop) will be banned. Not only from competitions, but also from the game in general.
  • Supercell will also suspend all players who have purchased their account.
  • Users of bots or third-party programs will be easily detected and will face heavy penalties.
  • Supercell will be very careful about wintrading (knowingly losing in exchange for any profit).
  • Repeat offenders will receive escalating penalties and may be banned from competition for several months and from all esport Clash Royale competitions.

The competition organisers also reserve the right to ban players guilty of offensive behaviour. This goes beyond the game itself and includes posts on social media, whether or not they are related to the Clash Royale League. Supercell wants a fair, respectful and inclusive esport environment for all.

First wave of caseworkers announced

It's no surprise that Supercell is focusing on fair play this year. Competitions esport are attracting more and more people and the Clash Royale League is a great way to attract new players and investors! To host the competition, we now know the first wave of caseworkers who will be tasked with thrilling the fans.

This first batch is only for English, Spanish and Portuguese streams. For other languages, we will have to wait a little longer to find out more. In any case, we hope that in 2021 there will be an official team of French caster! 😎

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