Clash of Clans championship final: ATN.aTTaX world champion

ATN.aTTaX World CoC Champion

The best team in the Clash of Clans world is now known. The ATN.Attax team was crowned world champion this weekend, after an intense competition. This is a great achievement for the German team, which was also the first team to get its golden ticket to the finals in the first qualifier. The team did a flawless job this weekend to win the crown. They did not lose a single match and were quickly identified as the bookmakers' favourite on the networks.

The players Ast, Lenaide, Vale, Jojo23 and BuMm can be proud of themselves. They dominated the tournament from start to finish and added a very nice line to their prize list. On top of that, they also walked away with the biggest cash prize of the tournament: $250,000.

Congratulations to ATN.aTTaX who succeeded NOVA Esports

ATN.aTTaX, undisputed world champion

The 2020 season of Clash of Clans has not been a smooth one. Due to the pandemic, the competitive scene was disrupted and it was difficult to compare the level of the teams. The King of the Castle preparation tournament did give some indication, but not all teams competed. ATN.aTTaX had the opportunity to hide their game before the big day and nobody was prepared with an effective strategy against the future world champions. They rolled through the competition, not losing a single match on their way and without going through the loser bracket. They defeated H.T Family, X6tence and Vatang in quick succession to reach the final.

In the grand final, ATN.aTTaX again showed its omnipotence by easily defeating the Japanese QueeN Walkers. Klaus, GAKU, STARs, Stadra and yuta14 had a great run, but they were outplayed. The numbers speak for themselves: 24 stars against 28 and 89.6% destruction against 97.1%. There was nothing to be done, and the Japanese showed fair play, applauding ATN.aTTaX, the new world champion.

The replay of the grand final is here!

Double ration for BuMm and Vale

This victory was, above all, a collective one and no ATN.aTTaX player tried to hog the limelight all by himself. But the MVP of the competition had to be chosen, and Vale received that distinction. In 6 attacks he scored 18 stars and a perfect 100% destruction.

It was also the perfect weekend for BuMm, the team captain. He didn't win MVP, but it was a doubly special day for him... Since it was his birthday ! He could hardly have dreamt of a better present than being world champion with ATN.aTTaX.

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