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Summoners War: Guide to the 2020 SWC | Timetable, Rules and Format

SWC 2020 guide

Despite the global pandemic, the Summoners War Championship(SWC 2020) will take place! This guide contains all the important information you need to know. The preliminary rounds have already begun and the world's best Summoners are on the battlefield.
There is a long way to go until the World Final, where the top 8 competitors will compete for the $210,000 cash prize. They will compete for the $210,000 cash prize this year in addition to a place in the Summoners Wars Hall of Fame.
The top players have been pre-selected based on their performances during World Arena seasons 12 and 13.
Due to Covid-19, the format of SWC 2020 has been slightly modified. All matches will be played online and no audience will be invited, for obvious health safety reasons.

The SWC 2020 3 phase guide

The competition will last for more than 3 months, and these are expected to be particularly intense. The organisers have slightly modified the format compared to last year due to logistical difficulties (transport, visa, etc.). It will therefore be more condensed and divided into 3 phases.

No. 1: the preliminary phases

The preliminary stages of the SWC 2020 will take place from 5 to 20 September. The players are divided into 3 regions. America and Europe will have 16 participants. The competition in the Asian region will be even denser, as it will be divided into several sub-regions (South Korea, Japan, Taiwan/Hong Kong, South East Asia and China*), each with 8 representatives.

The SWC 2020 regions
The different regions and sub-regions.

The preliminary stages are based on a double elimination system (winner and looser groups). Each player has two chances to validate his ticket.

*China has a special status and will operate as an independent region. It therefore has the fixed and guaranteed number of a competitor for the 2020 SWC.

No. 2: regional cups

8 players per region (Europe, America and Asia without China) will advance to the regional cups. There will be no room for error in this single elimination tree that will determine the participants in the world final.

  • the american cup will take place on october 24th ;
  • the Asian Cup on 31 October;
  • the European Cup on 7 November.

No. 3: the final phase of the SWC

There are still several details to be determined for the grand final. It will take place in November but the organisers have not yet fixed the dates. The exact format is also still to be defined but information should be available soon.
We already know that there will be 2 representatives for the American region and 2 for the European region. Asia will have 4 competitors (including 1 Chinese).

A special rule: SWC mode

In thisindividual tournament, there will be a special rule, known as SWC mode. A player cannot pre-ban the same monster during two successive games. He must therefore wait at least one intermediate game to pre-ban the same character again. A rule that influences strategy and forces you to think in the longer term. All monsters, even the best of the moment, will have their chance.

SWC 2020 mode
It is impossible to always pre-ban the same monster.

SWC 2020 Cash Prize

There will be a total of $210,000 in cash prizes for the SWC 2020 participants. First, the regional rounds will reward the top teams in the regional cups with cash in addition to a possible qualification: $10,000 (1st), $5,000 (2nd) and $2,500 (3rd). Then the top 3 in the Grand Final will get the lion's share of the money. With $100,000, $20,000 and $10,000, the podium will have plenty to enjoy.

Emblems to be won at SWC 2020
A meagre consolation prize that can still make people happy.

The top 8 will also have the opportunity to win a game cat emblem. The opportunity to immortalise their performance and let everyone know about it!
Of course, we'll keep you updated on the rest of the Summoners War Championship 2020 in our next news on the subject! Stay tuned!
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