What is the future esport for Legends of Runeterra (LoR)?

LoR esport : a scene to be built

Legends of Runeterra (LoR) was released just under a year ago. Inspired by the League of Legends universe, this trading card game is particularly appealing to fans of lore. Indeed, it allows you to explore the different regions of Runeterra and to discover new characters. However, theesport LoR is still underdeveloped. When we know the appetite for competition of Riot Games which organises tournaments on all its games (Valorant, Teamfight Tactics and soon LoL: Wild Rift), Legends of Runeterra seems to be far behind...

But LoR players need not despair and Riot's head of product, Rotten Kandy, recently spoke about the future of the esport LoR scene. It won't all happen overnight, but the video game giant has plans and is looking to build a top-notch competitive scene.

Legends of Runeterra is almost a year old!

Esport LoR: change of seasonal tournaments

For the moment,esport LoR is limited to seasonal tournaments. It's not much, but the data from these tournaments is encouraging! There have been no technical difficulties and the servers held up well during the last XXL competition where there were a lot of participants. However, there were some criticisms, especially concerning the series of perfect victories required to qualify. Riot Games has taken the remarks into account and will evolve the format while keeping the principle of seasonal tournaments. For the April tournament, the following new features have been chosen:

  • The Swiss system tournament is extended from 5 to 9 rounds, which leaves room for error.
  • The duration of the tournament is reduced and each round will last 60 minutes, compared to 75 minutes previously.
  • The two Sunday stages have been moved to Saturday to allow for more fluidity between players from different time zones.

In addition, with patch 2.4.0, the 2-win, select-and-ban format is back. Riot Games has decided to use this as the basis for its esport LoR competitions.

Seasonal Monuments of Power Tournament: esport LoR
The last tournament was a success.

Did you say World Championships?

League of Legends Worlds, Champions Tour at Valorant or TFT Fates Championship on Teamfight Tactics... Riot Games often sees things in a big way and likes to crown world champions. There is no reason whyesport LoR should not have its own world stage. The developers are thinking about it and are currently considering the subject. If for the moment they are obliged to keep it a secret while they work out the final details, there will indeed be world championships on Legends of Runeterra in the future. 😎

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