Million Lords: 1st competition esport at 30 000 dollars!

Esport Million Lords: first big tournament

The mobile multiplayer strategy game Million Lords is taking on a new dimension. After exceeding the 400,000 download mark, the independent game studio Million Victories from Lyon has decided to launchesport Million Lords with a first $30,000 cash-prize competition. The latter will bring together the most daring players, but everyone can already feel the adrenaline of the competition by participating in the in-game competitive leagues that were introduced in the last big update. Will Million Lords make it to the top of the competitive mobile games?

The in-game competitive leagues will be the basis foresport Million Lords.

How to qualify for the competition?

Theesport Million Lords is open to everyone. Beginners and veterans alike can try their luck and hope to qualify for this first competition. Players are divided into 3 regions: Europe, America and Asia. Each region will qualify representatives according to the leaderboard of March-April... Knowing that there are places for Gold players (30), but also for Silver players (10) and Bronze players (3)! Finally, 10 invitations are to be won via social networks.

Esport Million Lords: tournament organisation
All players have a place in this new competition!

Esport Million Lords: how does the competition work?

The first tournament takes place from 18 to 20 May over 3 days of intense competition. Players will have the opportunity to express their talent on 3 maps in 50 player matches.

The competition will keep the same game mechanics. However, players will have to adapt to new rules. No attack notification, access to all legendary equipment, increased movement speed... Competitors will have to get used to it quickly to aim for the title!

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