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MR CHUNG big winner of SWC 2020

swc 2020 final

8 candidates were eligible to win the world title of Summoners War this weekend. 8 top players who have earned their place in the world finals after a long qualification process consisting of preliminary rounds and regional cups. But there is only one place on the throne and at the end of the tournament, it is the Hong Kong MR CHUNG who won the SWC 2020. Coming with the most extravagant haircut of the competition, he brings the World Cup home with him.

The replay of the final tournament is online.

In addition to the beautiful game, we were also able to appreciate the quality of the production. The community winks were numerous and fans had the opportunity to participate remotely in the tournament by sending several cheers to their favorite champions. The casters were overexcited to plunge the viewers into the heart of the competition, while there was no audience, coronavirus obliges. We also liked the well dosed trash-talk of the players which added even more to the hype of the event.

MR CHUNG went for his victory at SWC 2020

Hardly simpler than the final picture of the SWC 2020. There were no seeds and no regional restrictions in the draw. In a knockout draw, no one was protected from anyone and each misstep was penalized by a tournament exit. There was also no time for the players to take a breather, as quarter-finals, semi-finals and grand finals were all played on the same day.

MR CHUNG SWC 2020 big winner
There was glory to be won but also money.

In this context, it was MR CHUNG who was crowned grand champion of the SWC 2020. Unstoppable in the quarter-final against our French representative ROSITH (2-0), he then mercilessly curbed the Korean Charmi (3-0). Fortunately for the show, the final was more disputed (3-2). The Taiwanese Gaia sold his skin dearly and did not demerit.

MR CHUNG showed a level as high as his hair.

Disappointment for Americans and the EAST

ROSITH was quickly knocked out of the tournament, but he shouldn't have too many regrets when he fell to the future champion. To find the real disappointments, you have to cross the Atlantic Ocean. North America was indeed privileged to have two representatives. But JMAK and the whimsical TROKAMOO , who had dressed up for the occasion, were knocked out in their first match. Express eliminations concluded on two clear scores of 0-2.

Finally, China's EASTERN EAST put their crown back in the balance after winning the 2019 edition. He too quickly bit the dust when he was eliminated by Charmi (1-2). So you can't win every time. 😉

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