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Ni Chang Dance qualifies for Clash of Clans Worlds

Ni Chang Dance will be at the Clash of Clans Worlds.

After the Korean team Vatang, another Asian team qualified for the next Clash of Clans World Championships. By winning the qualifying tournament in August, Ni Chang Dance guaranteed themselves a place in the Worlds. It was a chance to face the cream of the crop, while also giving themselves a chance to win the $1 million cash prize.

While many details are still unclear due to the current health situation, the competition is well maintained. It is not yet known whether the public will be invited to the festivities, but three teams have already booked their tickets. In addition to Ni Chang Dance and Vatang, the German structure ALTERNATE aTTaX will also be at the Clash of Clans Worlds. On the other hand, there is no trace of a French structure like MCES.
The team wasn't the favourite, but they're the team that won.

August qualifier a pleasant surprise

In this third qualifier for the Clash of Clans Worlds, Ni Chang Dance was a small thumbs up among the 8 competitors. A lot was expected from two teams in particular. But reigning world champions NOVA Esports from Japan and EleVen Original from Germany disappointed. While both teams failed to qualify in July and August, they have only 3 months left to get their precious sesame.

Which team will join Ni Chang Dance at the Clash of Clans Worlds?
The teams qualified for the September qualifier.

The general public was less familiar with Ni Chang Dance, but will have time to find out by the start of the Worlds. The team consists of Lei Feng, GYY, Unik, Su and Tian. The latter, who has no connection with the professional player of League of Legends (FunPlus Phoenix), was elected MVP of the qualifier. With 11 stars and 91.8% damage, he shone particularly brightly during the competition, even though the collective strength of Ni Chang Dance was generally impressive.

Before the Worlds: the King of the Castle for Ni Chang Dance
A clash at the top to be expected.

Before the Worlds, Ni Chang Dance will have the opportunity to shine in the King of the Castle tournament. The King of the Castle Tournament is a King of the Hill format tournament where teams qualified for the World Championships compete against each other. The winner of each contest stays and waits for the next challenger.

Ni Chang Dance will therefore face ALTERNATE aTTaX on September 18th at 5:00 pm (Paris time). The latter, had taken the best over Vatang in the first edition and she intends to keep her throne. It's a good training before the world championships and also a chance to psychologically mark her future opponents. Neither Chang Dance, who is used to being a challenger, will want to show everyone that she deserves her place at the top.

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