Nova Esports wins PMGC Finals

PMGC Finals: Nova Esports winners

The competition was intense and beautiful, but in the end, there could only be one winner! With 319 points, the Chinese team Nova Esports won the PMGC Finals Season 0, and not only did they take home the glory and a lot of magical memories, but they also got the $700,000 promised to the winner in the process. Rounding off the podium are another Chinese team, Four Angry Men (294 points) and a Mongolian team, ZEUS ESPORTS (292 points), who are within a handful of each other. They may have some regrets, but they will surely console themselves with their substantial share of the cash prize (200,000 and 1,000 dollars).

In a competition almost exclusively composed of Asian participants, the few "foreign" teams did not fail. The Russians from Na'Vi finished in 4th place and the Brazilians from A7 finished in the bottom of the ranking, 7th out of 16.

A hero never goes out without his mask!

PMGC Finals: the end of the suspense

The organisers have made an effort to highlight the competition. In particular, they took advantage of the esport maps introduced for the occasion in PUBG Mobile. Despite this, the tournament was not particularly easy to follow. On the one hand, it was long, as no less than 29 rounds were counted! On the other hand, the scoring system may seem obscure to the uninitiated. The points are indeed distributed according to a clever calculation that takes into account the eliminations and the tops... In any case, whether you are a mathematician or not, the PMGC Finals have reserved some great game!

Nova Esports showed great consistency in winning the title. For example, it had fewer top 1s than its runner-up, Four Angry Men (4 to 5), but its long-term consistency made the difference. Its players showed solidarity and developed an effective collective mechanism. It is worth noting that Nova Esports did not win a single individual award! However, the players shouldn't feel too bad about it and will be more than satisfied with the title. 😎

PMGC Finals: top 10 fragers
Suk made a whopping 54 kills!

Suk, voted MVP of the tournament

Choi "Suk" Won-suk (Four Angry Men) did not manage to lead his team to the final victory. However, he was brilliant during the PMGC Finals and well deserved his MVP award. The title was given to the player who accumulated the best performances in terms of eliminations, survivability and damage inflicted. He will receive an additional 15,000 dollars.

Other players also received individual awards:

  • The Gunslinger: Suk
  • Eagle Eye: Beer11
  • Grenade Master: Ryzen
  • The Survivor : Dante
  • Field Medic : Lovazin

Now we have to wait for the next big competition... Good news, the Club Open starts soon!

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