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Results of the first SWC 2020 regional cups

results regional cups SWC 2020

Little by little, the bird is nesting. We are still a long way from having our big winner of the 2020 SWC (Summoners War World Arena Championship), but the list of contenders is getting shorter and shorter. The second phase, the regional SWC cups , is underway and several regions have already nominated the players who will represent them in the final phase. It is a privilege, but it is also a lot of pressure. As well as carrying the hopes of their community, the regional champions will surely have in mind the $100,000 cash-prize promised to the overall winner. For those of you who missed the start of the qualifying rounds, we suggest you follow our SWC 2020 guide which summarises everything you need to know about the Summoners War competition.

For the time being, only the Asia-Pacific, America and China regions have appointed their representatives. For the European Cup, we will have to wait a little longer.

SWC 2020 Regional Cups
The noose is tightening!

The Chinese selection tournament

China is part of the Asian region, but has a special status. It does not participate in the regional cup as it has its own selection tournament. This guarantees, but also limits it to one representative this year.

SWC 2020 China Regional Cups
We are lucky, the Chinese representative has a pseudonym readable by all!

The big winner of this selection tournament was L'est. His hand did not waver in the final, as he won the match with a convincing 3-0. KABISHOW (隐ཀ卡比獸࿒࿐), OYCC (欧阳乘风) and LDMONSTER (会柏人的毛毛熊) will settle for a place of honour and will instead watch the finals from their televisions.

Results of the SWC Asia Pacific Regional Cup

There was a bit more rivalry in this Asia-Pacific Regional SWC, as different countries competed for the 3 qualifying tickets allocated to the region.

SWC 2020 Asia Regional Cups
The Asia-Pacific region will have 3 representatives of 3 different nationalities.

The big winner of this regional tournament is MR.CHUNG from Hong Kong. However, he will not go to the SWC 2020 alone, as he will be accompanied by the Korean CHARMI (second) and the Taiwanese GAIA (third). These 3 countries are delighted, but it's a real headache for the others. Thailand, Vietnam and especially Japan (which had two competitors) will not be taking part in the party. They may well decide to support the three qualifiers out of regional solidarity, but nothing is less certain. As for us, we wouldn't dream of supporting the English. 😜

Results of the America SWC Regional Cup

Officially, all of America is represented in this regional SWC. However, at the end of the preliminaries only players from the USA and Canada were left. It was hoped that KENBALLER 's good story would continue, but unfortunately he was quickly knocked out of the running.

SWC 2020 America Regional Cups
One American and one Canadian will be at the SWC.

The two representatives from the Americas region will be JMAK (1st) and TROKAMOO (2nd). Both have dominated the Americas Regional Cup and will be looking to bring the title home again, following Thompsin 's victory last year.

If you have done the maths, there are still a few places left. These are for the European players who will play their regional SWC cup on November 7th. As a reminder, the French ROSITH and CHENE are still in the running!

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