TSM FTX presents its Free Fire roster

TSM FTX Free Fire roster

Since a few weeks, TSM (Team SoloMid) has become TSM FTX. The partnership has been the talk of the town, with an XXL deal worth 210 million dollars! More than ever, the North American structure is asserting itself as one of the heavyweights of the worldesport and a key brand in the ecosystem. New resources also mean new projects. The patience of the fans has been rewarded and the American giant has acquired a new team esport, on mobile. The Sixth Sense Indian roster will now be called TSM FTX Free Fire.

This move may seem a bit strange, especially in terms of geography. But TSM is not afraid of the international scene and has already invested in teams abroad in the past. Since 2018, the structure has been present on the Indian scene PUBG Mobile Indian scene with TSM Entity, in partnership with Entity Gaming. Ever higher, ever stronger, this first project should call for others. It must be said that with 210 million dollars, there is plenty to enjoy!

TSM FTX Free Fire: what are the team's ambitions?

It is difficult to find a more unstable environment than that ofesport. Performance is very volatile and the balance of power is constantly changing. But for its entry into the Free Fire scene, TSM FTX has not taken any chances. The structure has put its hands on a roster that has already proven itself in previous tournaments. Jayesh "Jay" Yadav, Indranil "Indro" Saha, Sagar "Illuminati" Patel, Titas "Stoner" Roy and Naitik "Oldmonk" Khoshto were all top players in the $100,000 cash-prize India Championship Spring Segment and won the $50,000 cash-prize 2021 Free Fire Tri Series.

Now that they have joined a big structure, there will be more pressure. But the Battle Royale players are known to have strong shoulders and they will be able to rely on their captain, Indro, to guide them. Indro has a good track record and is used to big events.

The team to beat on the Indian scene?

Free Fire World Series

The recruitment of the TSM FTX Free Fire team was done with great fanfare. The structure has a large audience and its every move is closely followed. The objectives are clear. The team wants to dominate the Indian scene and also assert itself on the international stage, while India's representatives could not participate in the last Free Fire World Series 2021 in Singapore because of the coronavirus.

India hopes to send its representatives to the 2021 Mexico Free Fire World Series and TSM will surely want to be there. But before they do, they will have to check out the competition. The Indian scene is very competitive and teams such as Galaxy Racers, TEAM CHAOS and Team Elite are not going to let it happen.

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