UNO Championship Series : $50,000 tournament esport

UNO Championship Series

We didn't see this one coming... The famous card game UNO (party game) will be organising a esport mobile tournament in November with a $50,000 cash prize. If someone had told us one day that there would beesport on UNO, we might have had to try a little harder to play with Auntie Jacqueline during the camping holidays... However, it's not too late and you can still download the UNO mobile application, on Android as well as on iOS. It is not yet known exactly how the UNO participants will be selected Championship Series. But it is assumed that the players with the best elos will be invited to the party. The organisers have indicated that some of the players will be selected from the online tournaments within the mobile application, which start on 2 July.

UNO Championship Series for the 50th anniversary of the game

A esport tournament on UNO may seem far-fetched, especially with so much money at stake. But Mattel wanted to mark the 50th anniversary of the famous card game. As it is not clear whether esport UNO has a future, this is your chance to become the first, and perhaps only, mobile UNO world champion.

UNO on mobile game in progress

But before you embark on such a project, think about getting up to speed on the rules. In real life, it's a real jungle and each game circle uses its own rules. However, there are official rules. Playing a +4 when you have the requested colour is risky. Your opponent can challenge you to turn the tables and make you draw 6 times! Moreover, if you draw a playable card, the game will force you to play it automatically. In this version, there is no question of stockpiling ammunition!

A tournament in Las Vegas

For those who need even more motivation, the UNO Championship Series will take place in Las Vegas. This is a great setting and promises to be an eye-opener for players. For those who are not so keen esport, Mattel is also planning a physical tournament.

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