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Wild Rift Summer Showdown: Team Liquid organizes its tournament

Wild Rift Summer Showdown

Team Liquid (TL) does not have a team on LoL: Wild Rift yet, but it should be soon. This American structure esport is a major player on the League of Legends scene and is one of the big teams that regularly participate in the world championships. It is taking its first step into the mobile version of the MOBA by organising the Wild Rift Summer Showdown. The competition will have two separate tournaments: one in Europe and one in North America. With $20,000 in cash prizes up for grabs, there should be no shortage of entries. In terms of distribution, there will be no jealousy. Europe and North America will each have $10,000 at stake.

Registrations are open and competitors at heart should try their luck. Beyond the financial dimension, it is a good way to show yourself in order to be recruited by a professional structure.

Wild Rift Summer Showdown Team Liquid
TL continues to increase its activity on Wild Rift.

Format and registration for the Wild Rift Summer Showdown

Players can register for the Wild Rift Summer Showdown until 14 June. Qualifying will begin on June 15. In both the Europe and NA tournaments, up to 64 teams are expected to compete in a double-elimination bracket where matches will be played in Bo3. It would be difficult to find a better format for a scene that is still in its infancy. After the qualifications, there will be 3 weeks of finals.

  • Week 1: 29 June (NA) and 30 June (EU)
  • Week 2: 2 July (NA) and 3 July (EU)
  • Week 3: 9 July (NA) and 10 July (EU)

Players will also have to join the Team Liquid Discord. There they will find all the necessary information but will also have to participate in a special draft phase. While the game does not yet allow for the banning of champions, the Wild Rift Summer Showdown will give each team the opportunity to remove two champions from the draft. This adds an extra strategic challenge and gives a new competitive dimension to the game. Participants will have to make sure they have a large enough champion pool!

Will there soon be a Wild Rift team at Team Liquid?

Team Liquid team LoL

This is not in the contract or in the rules of the Wild Rift Summer Showdown. But we can imagine that Team Liquid's managers will take advantage of the opportunity to spot the most talented players and get in touch with them. The structure is present on many stages esport (LoL, Valorant, Fortnite, DotA 2, etc.) and already has players esport mobile, on Clash Royale and Free Fire. So it wouldn't be surprising to see TL eventually hire players on LoL: Wild Rift. There is a leadership position to be taken on the North American scene. At the moment, apart from 16-Bit Esports and Tribe Gaming, few professional structures have taken to the water.

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