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Clash Royale World Champions: Team Queso!

Team Queso World Champions Clash Royale

What a crazy weekend on Clash Royale! Team Queso went for the World Championship crown with their guts and all the players went all out. The Spaniards had the perfect recipe to win the title: great skill, a strong mind and a touch of success. They won all three of their games by the same score: 3-2. It's hard to beat that, but the taste of victory must be even better.
RUBEN, IAmJP, Cuchii Cuu and BENIJU will be able to start their New Year's celebrations early. They will leave with the 100,000 dollars promised to the winners. Team Queso is also making history as the first European team to lift the cup. It succeeds Team Liquid (2019) and Nova Esports (2018).

Small disappointment for our Frenchie of the competition. Jarod Emmanuel "Azilys" Quesada didn't last long with Tribe Gaming and was beaten 0-3 in the quarter finals against PONOS. He must have dreamed of something better for his first world finals, but it was a valuable experience for the future.

Team Queso, a champion on the edge

Team Queso did not win their world championship title by any margin as each of their matches went to the end of the 5 rounds. Coach Eelke and the fans must have seen their pulse quicken and the drops of sweat accumulate. But the Spanish champions didn't crack and showed they had what it takes. They mastered the Bo5 format perfectly and even had the luxury of a reverse sweep in the final against SK Gaming.
After losing the 2v2 and the 3v3 Koth, they had no room for error. The team was able to rely on its individuality to win the last 3 1v1's in quick succession and win the game.

Ruben voted MVP of the tournament

One man in particular shone for Team Queso this weekend. RUBEN was unplayable and had an impressive win ratio: 75% (12 wins, 4 losses) in 1v1. He left nothing but crumbs for his opponents and contributed greatly to his team's victory. The Spaniards were however less comfortable in 2v2 with just 50% (4 wins, 4 losses) for the BENIJU/Chuchii Chu duo. Everyone was obviously involved in the coronation and everyone will be involved in the celebration, but one imagines that RUBEN will surely get a double helping of dessert as a thank you.

On the French side, Azylis , being eliminated in the first round, didn't have many opportunities to show himself. He only played two short matches but did not leave with a zero score. His record is one win for one loss in 1v1.

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