Test of OPM: Road to Hero 2.0, the gacha action game that honours the anime

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In this test of One-Punch Man Road to Hero 2.0, you will discover the action, gacha and idle version of the internationally renowned anime. Unfortunately, Saitama is not at the heart of the action and only accompanies you through the game menus. But the game is still full of fan service, which should please you if you have followed the adventures of the manga.

Hero recruitment and main mission

As in other games of the gacha genre, you collect characters by fragments. And, once you have enough fragments, you can summon them. This is usually done through lootboxes, represented in this test One-Punch Man Road to Hero 2.0 as recruitment cards to be drawn.

Superhero recruitment in the test of One-Punch Man Road to Hero 2.0

Each hero has unique skills and a speciality, most of which are taken directly from the anime to appeal to fans. Based on their rarity, power and combat utility, you'll have to handpick your heroes to create the perfect match. This team of superheroes (minus Saitama) will have to face off against random and famous super-villains.

These confrontations are an opportunity for Road to Hero 2.0 to produce a narrative thread with key elements known to fans. For example, some of the scenes are taken directly from the anime with beautiful cinematics to follow in story mode, in the main campaign. The campaign is well supplied and the quantity of content also extends to the other game modes, in trials, in missions...

OPM mobile game campaign

Fan service and fight schedule for test OPM Road to Hero 2.0

The fan service is omnipresent but not excessive, which is a good point for a licensed game! The title is not hermetic to new players and makes them discover the OPM lore as they fight.

As for the fighting itself, it takes place in the turn-based. The superheroes are given a number that indicates their order of battle and must be positioned in the best possible way. The rest of the combat is done in automatic mode.

During the test of One-Punch Man Road to Hero 2.0, my only participation in the fights was to activate or not the speed boost x2 and the automatic mode. The automatic mode allows the characters' ultimate attacks to be launched without the player's intervention. It is worth noting that the cut of the ultimate attacks enhances the anime atmosphere of the title.

The increasing difficulty of the levels is a bit steep. As a result, it takes a little getting used to and navigating the menus to find your way around. The interface is not always clear, but the mechanics of superhero promotion are more understandable than Blue Archive was, for example, when I first played it.

OPM's business model

Any aspiring collector knows what it costs: a big investment. To progress quickly through One-Punch Man Road to Hero 2.0, you'll need powerful superheroes that are far better than the ones you start with.

These heroes are not easy to obtain and generally require time-consuming farming or payment to unlock them more quickly. Still, it is not easy to compose a team as you would like to if you were a free-to-play player.

Fortunately, those who enjoy the title will be looking more for the anime lore in the single player version than the PvP arena battles where the level gap can be felt. At least the title doesn't interrupt you at the end of each game with a commercial break.

Conclusion of my review on One-Punch Man Road to Hero 2.0

To conclude this test on One-Punch Man Road to Hero 2.0, we have to go back to the basics. As a fan of the anime, we can only be delighted by the cinematics and the campaign in which we find the characters that made us vibrate on screen. We meet up with them behind the scenes and form our own team of superheroes to defeat all the threats facing the city. However, if we focus more on the gameplay, it doesn't really seem to me to be connected to the anime as it lacks action, with combat at turn-based and idle reward farming. The game is balanced and enjoyable but is not the best gacha of the last years. Notice to the fans of the license!

This test is made in collaboration with Huawei, which offers the AppGallery and the Game Center for mobile gamers who are always looking for bargains.

Test of OPM: Road to Hero 2.0, the gacha action game that honours the anime

Positive points

  • Well-rounded fan service
  • Good cinematics
  • A variety of hero combinations

Negative points

  • Interface sometimes complicated
  • Little action from the player
  • A classic gacha business model
OPM: Road to Hero 2.0 banner
  • Gameplay - 7
  • Graphics and fan service - 7
  • Business model - 7
Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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