Test PUBG Mobile: A must-have BR or out of fashion?

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In this test PUBG mobile, you'll have the opportunity to get your own take on the popular Krafton title available on Android and iOS. Does this classic of the Battle Royale genre really live up to its promise as a quality FPS port? How does it compare to Fortnite mobile or even Call of Duty? We tell you all about it.

An admirably successful port of the FPS to mobile

For those who have not been following the Battle Royale wave that PUBG mobile is part of, the principle is simple. Here, 100 players compete in realistic battles on various maps. Transported by plane, they parachute down onto the game map at a location of their choice, and this is how the game's first strategy is established. Once on the ground, they will have to find and equip weapons and items to better survive the confrontations against the others. The ultimate goal of each player is to be the last survivor, to achieve the famous top 1.

Plane over the mobile PUBG map before the start of the game

In PUBG mobile, the pace is not as fast as in other BR games. Even though there are different game modes with different objectives (Classic, 4v4 Deathmatch, Infection or Payload), the pace of the action is quite calm for the most part. The combat phases are short and brutal and the player has above all time to explore the surroundings to find better stuff and enjoy quite good graphics despite the release of the game which is starting to date since it dates back to 2018. For better graphics, you can turn to the new opus of the Player Unkown Battlegrounds license released in November 2021.

On the other hand, the ten-minute match length proves to be a particularly practical format for a fairly complex short-session game. There are few games that manage to master the format so well, with an often interrupted rhythm between action and exploration.

Karakin map of test PUBG mobile

This test PUBG mobile reveals a title quite faithful to its PC big brother in its gameplay proportion where loot, running and exploration take more space than the combat itself for a very pleasant realistic rhythm. However, it is worth noting that loot is made easier to suit what you already own, which increases the fluidity of the player's interactions with the interface.

My opinion on matchmaking and content galore

Among the big positive points of this test PUBG mobile, we obviously find the content of the game. The maps, modes and even events are numerous and rarely leave the player time to get bored. It must be said that events with huge licenses are multiplying in mobile games and PUBG offers them very frequently. From YouTube to Riot's Arcane series, players can enjoy ever-changing content and be surprised by new features every time they log in.

Event Arcane x PUBG gun
Gun Hextech from PUBG mobile x Arcane

In addition, the content is obviously reinforced by the game's three years of existence and updates almost every month. Above all, this diversifies the gaming experience throughout the year, making it a great title to keep on your smartphone. There is so much content that you might get lost! If that's the case, be sure to check out our PUBG mobile tips.

In terms of functionality, the options are similar to those of the PC game: movement, shooting, lean, communication, VOIP, etc. The gameplay is smoother than on Fortnite mobile because the construction is absent from Krafton's title, which makes it easier to digest on a small screen.

Anti-cheat PUBG mobile stats

In this test of PUBG mobile, the title also shines by its fast matchmaking and relative to the level of the player. This allows you to get the hang of the first few levels before being challenged by more experienced opponents. In addition, the game's team is constantly fighting cheaters on the game's servers, which benefits everyone's experience, and you can follow the editor's progress against cheaters and each of his victories in this area on the game' s Discord server.

The temporary objects and the shop, a small disappointment

With a freemium model similar to the top ranking titles on Playstore, PUBG mobile offers a cosmetic shop without P2W which is nice for balancing. I still regret that some skins (especially events) are temporary, I think it reinforces too much the need to pay for the player. It doesn't hurt the gameplay but simply the overall experience of the game as a slight disappointment that you can't keep everything you get.

Screenshot PUBG New State graphics
PUBG: New State graphics

To conclude this test of PUBG mobile, it's clear that despite a release dating back to 2018, it's a truly topical license, both with its billion player reach and events partnering with other trending universes as well as with the release of PUBG: New State. PUBG mobile has become a staple in the FPS and Battle Royale genre, and for good reason: polished gameplay, a developer genuinely committed to a relentless fight against cheaters, and fresh content... what more does it take to please demanding mobile gamers?

Finally, this test is made in partnership with Huawei which allows to download mobile games on the App Gallery in order to enjoy rewards thought for casual players as for tryharders via its Game Center.

Test PUBG Mobile: A must-have BR or out of fashion?

Positive points

  • Fast, intense games
  • Millions of active players
  • Comprehensive content

Negative points

  • Temporary skins
  • Graphics that are starting to look old
PUBG Mobile banner
Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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