Test of Rise of Kingdoms: Our review on this mobile game

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This is our test of Rise of Kingdoms (RoK) which is a strategy game in which you can develop your kingdom. The game is very popular with players thanks to several assets that we will describe.

Let's conquer the kingdoms now!

What is Rise of Kingdoms?

Rise of Kingdoms is a strategy game formerly called "Rise of Civilization"developed by the Lilith Games studio. In this game, the player takes place in a huge world represented by several civilizations that we will describe below.

overview village rise of kingdoms
As you can see, the graphics of the game are beautiful!

The game features a real-time battle system and allows players to grow without great difficulty through tricks and strategies. In Rise of Kingdoms, each player is called a "governor" which enhances the immersion!

real time fighting rok

What is its content?

The great point of Rise of Kingdoms that we noticed during this test, is obviously the number of civilizations available to start the game. But it doesn't stop at a choice for pleasure, each civilisation has a significant bonus!

Here is the list of civilizations you can play in Rise of Kingdoms:

Coat of armsKingdomBenefits
France rokFrance Chivalry
Increases troop health by 3%
Increases wood harvesting speed by 10%
Increases hospital healing speed by 20
Rome rokRomeGlory of the Empire
Increases infantry defence by 5%
Increases troop marching speed by 5%
Increases food harvesting speed by 5
Germany rokGermanyGerman Eagle
Increases cavalry attack by 5%
Increases troop training speed by 5%
Increases action point restoration by 10
United Kingdom rokUnited KingdomThe sun never sets
Increases archers' attack by 5%
Increases troops' training speed by 5%
Increases allied healing ability by 20
Spain rokSpainFearless Warriors
Increases cavalry defence by 5%
Increases experience gained from eliminating barbarians and other neutral units by 10%
Increases resource production by 20
China Rise of Kingdoms ChinaArt of War
Increases troop defence by 3%
Increases action point restoration by 5%
Increases construction speed by 5
Japan Rise of Kingdoms JapanBushido
Increases troop attack by 3%
Increases scout walking speed by 30%
Increases harvesting speed by 5
korea rok Korea Yin and Yang Balance
Increases archers' defence by 5%
Increases hospital capacity by 15%
Increases search speed by 3
arabia rok ArabiaInfinite Oasis
Increases cavalry attack by 5%
Increases damage to barbarians and other neutral units by 10%
Increases damage to rallied armies by 5
ottoman rok Ottoman EmpireKing's Domain
Increases the health of archers by 5%
Increases the marching speed of troops by 5%
Increases the damage of the active skill by 5
Byzantium Rise of Kingdoms ByzantiumDivine Light
Increases cavalry health by 5%
Increases stone gathering speed by 10%
Increases hospital capacity by 15

All the civilizations presented also refer to several historical periods that will delight history buffs! Diversity is present in Rise of Kingdoms and that is very important!

The different buildings

As in many mobile strategy games on iOs and Android, Rise of Kingdoms allows the player to develop his village, or rather his kingdom, as he wishes, taking care to set up his buildings properly.

In our test of Rise of Kingdoms, this point is not important since today, every game of the same type offers this same content.

Rise of Kingdoms buildings

To raise your kingdom to the highest level, you will have to use the different buildings such as the farm which allows you to supply your kingdom with food.

The different armies available

Thanks to the available buildings such as the tavern or the barracks, it will be possible to form an army composed of the best warriors of the kingdom.

troops rise of kingdoms

This army will allow you to launch raids or conquer other lands and thus bring more resources to your kingdom.

The different commanders available in Rise of Kingdoms

In Rise of Kingdoms, it is possible to obtain different commanders (heroes) depending on the civilisation chosen.

For example, having chosen the Chinese civilisation for its ability to help new players, I get the hero "Sun Tzu"shown below.

Sun Tzu RoK

Don't worry! All of this will be explained in more detail in our beginner's guide, which will help players to find their way around from the start of the game and progress more quickly!

All commanders are then accessible via the tavern (with a little luck).

Rise of Kingdoms is a game with beautiful graphics that allows us to retrace the history of some great civilizations (for the connoisseurs) but also to develop them as we wish.

Some similarities with other licences

There are some similarities with other licenses already released like Total War or Age of Empires in the management and gameplay which is quite inspired by these two licenses or historical similarities (but that's normal).

But this does not prevent the pleasure of the game since, on the contrary, it can revive memories of our childhood on these two licences!

Conclusion of our test on Rise of Kingdoms

This game allows the player to be fully integrated into its historical content thanks to the choice of civilisation and the many features that we have not been able to mention in this test (such as the Amphitheatre of Wisdom which offers quizzes on historical facts).

Rise of Kingdoms has a very long lifespan and you'll need to farm quite a bit when you start up or you'll be way behind the other players on the server. The game offers continuous events and new features to keep players and fans of the story happy.

We had a very good feeling during our test of Rise of Kingdoms which allowed us to appreciate its gameplay thanks to its contents and very clean graphics. We recommend that youinstall Rise of Kingdoms on your PC for a better gameplay experience.

We recommend it!

Test of Rise of Kingdoms: Our review on this mobile game

Positive points

  • Great diversity
  • A closer look at history
  • Impressive visual appeal
  • A fairly long playtime

Negative points

  • Cooperative play is essential to get the most out of the game
  • A lengthy climb up the ladder
  • High risk of boredom due to game's lifespan and repetitive gameplay
Rise of Kingdoms banner
  • Graphics - 10
  • Service life - 9
  • Playability - 9

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