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King of Avalon Tips

How to play King of Avalon on PC ?

In this tip, I will show you how to download and play King of Avalon on PC or Mac. To do this, we will simulate your cell phone on the screen...[Read More]

All King of Avalon codes for 2023

First of all, let's remember that a King of Avalon gift code is in no way affiliated with any cheating system. In fact, it is not...[Read More]

King of Avalon Troop Formation Calculator | How it works

To progress properly in the mobile game King of Avalon, you have to manage your troops, their marches and their formations! Fortunately, for your own safety, you can...[Read More]

Optimise your King of Avalon experience with the Combo Key

The mobile game King of Avalon is well known for being powered by the PC emulator BlueStacks! This management game on iOS and Android has a lot to offer.[Read More]

How to change the Kingdom in King of Avalon?

Don't feel good in your current kingdom? Why not change? In this short guide, we explain why and how to change.[Read More]

King of Avalon: 7 Tips for fast progress

In the game King of Avalon, you play as the unifier of the kingdoms following the death of the famous King Arthur. Thanks to your armed troops and your skills, you can ...[Read More]

King of Avalon Guide to Getting Started | Tips and Advice

The mobile game King of Avalon is a construction and management game. This time, you have to manage your fortress and the whole of the city.[Read More]

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