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Wild Rift Icons 2022: Nova Esports creates a surprise

The story is beautiful for the winners of this first edition of the Wild Rit Icons: Nova Esports. Indeed, the team was not part of the 8 teams that took part in this year's...[Read More]

Wild Rift patch 3.2b welcomes Pyke and Nautilus

As the Wild Rift Icons Global Championship 2022 gets underway, Wild Rift patch 3.2b has arrived on the mobile version of the game.[Read More]

Patch 3.2 Wild Rift: skins, runes and 3 new champions

Entitled Time & Tide, Wild Rift's patch 3.2 is coming to the Summoner's Rift next week. And the least we can say is...[Read More]

Wild Rift Icons Global Championship 2022 to be held in Europe

The Instagram account of WCK, the Korean League of Legends Wild Rift league, is the place to find out about the new game.[Read More]

Coca-Cola helps create Wild Rift Esports

Although theesport Wild Rift has been a long time coming (which seemed to be part of Riot's plan to get the game up and running), it has been a long time coming.[Read More]

Wild Rift 3.0 patch: Elemental dragons and new champions

After watching the full 50 minute live stream on what's new for League of Legends in 2022, I'm a bit puzzled. The quality of LoL PC and ...[Read More]

Wild Rift Champions in patch 2.6: Mundo, Morgana and Kayle's arrival

With Silco coming exclusively to TFT, mobile LoL players might be in need of newcomers. But that's not the case.[Read More]

Wild Rift guilds are coming: the new club system

Missed the League of Legends clubs? They're back on the mobile version of LoL under the name Wild Rift guild. Let's find out more about the...[Read More]

Nunu and Brand LoL: Wild Rift land in fire and ice

Does a song of ice and fire ring a bell? But we don't want to talk about Game of Thrones and dragons, but about another kind of music.[Read More]

Wild Rift Season 3: dates and rewards

The summer holidays are here and now is the time to take a breather. While some of you may be planning to go on a trip, the...[Read More]

Lucian and Senna land on Wild Rift

Riot Games has decided to do things right. For the Sentinels of Light event, which transcends its various games (LoL, LoL: Wild Rift...[Read More]

Preview patch 2.2 Wild Rift: ARAM, Wild Pass and 5 new champions

The Developer Diary has announced the preview of patch 2.2 on LoL: Wild Rift. The least we can say is that the program is very interesting...[Read More]

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