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Wild Rift Season 3: dates and rewards

The summer holidays are here and now is the time to take a breather. While some of you may be planning to go on a trip, the...[Read More]

Lucian and Senna land on Wild Rift

Riot Games has decided to do things right. For the Sentinels of Light event, which transcends its various games (LoL, LoL: Wild Rift...[Read More]

Preview patch 2.2 Wild Rift: ARAM, Wild Pass and 5 new champions

The Developer Diary has announced the preview of patch 2.2 on LoL: Wild Rift. The least we can say is that the program is very interesting...[Read More]

Patch 2.1a Wild Rift: Katarina

Players of LoL: Wild Rift would do well to look in their rear-view mirror regularly. With patch 2.1a, a new danger is looming. Katarin...[Read More]

Event Lunar Lovers: a Valentine's Day wind blows on Wild Rift!

LoL: Wild Rift is all about sweat and tears. It's not that easy to get on the leaderboard and your teammates won't be able to keep up.[Read More]

Jobs esport on LoL: Wild Rift

Are you looking for a job opportunity but currently spend more time Ranked on LoL: Wild Rift than you do in the game?[Read More]

Patch 2.1 Wild Rift: spectator mode and Kennen's nerve

Riot Games has a flattering reputation and brings regular patches to all its games. These patches are vital to keep the community going...[Read More]

Wild Rift: discovering the Festival of Lunar Beasts

In LoL: Wild Rift, there's never a dull moment and you can count on Riot Games to keep the life of its mobile MOBA moving. After the Ex...[Read More]

Preview Patch 2.1 Wild Rift: 6 new champions

Riot Games has decided to shake things up on their mobile version of League of Legends. They've decided to gradually roll out the game on mobile devices...[Read More]

Wild Rift 2021 programme: new champions and ARAMs

The mobile version of League of Legends was released last December and is still going strong. Its community is very active and many of its members are...[Read More]

Patch 2.0 Wild Rift: 5 new Yordles and start of season 1

What better way to start the year 2021 than with a new patch for LoL: Wild Rift? Riot Games has decided to go all out, as patch 2.0 is now available.[Read More]

Wild Rift: all champions available and double XP!

While there are nearly 50 champions in LoL: Wild Rift, players are quickly running into a problem in the game. Obtaining Blue Essences is a...[Read More]

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