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Merge Magic! Tips

Merge Magic! Challenge Levels Guide

In Merge Magic! the levels follow each other, but they are not the same. Each map is different, the scenery changes and you have to solve puzzles.[Read More]

Merge Magic! Challenge 10 | Bright Fields Guide 1

In Merge Magic! the challenge levels do not generally leave anyone indifferent. Some fear them, because of their overall higher difficulty...[Read More]

Merge Magic Challenge 13 | Dark Swamps Guide 1

In the fantasy world of Merge Magic, magical creatures are normally there to help you progress. Minotaurs, peacocks or even...[Read More]

Merge Magic Challenge 12 | Rocklands Guide 3

Even as a child, you couldn't decide between a cat and a peacock? Good news, the Merge Magic Challenge 12 level allows you to choose between a cat and a...[Read More]

Merge Magic Challenge 16 | Mystic Shrine Guide

Need a hand building and harvesting your Magic Garden? The Merge Magic challenge levels are there to earn you valuable rewards.[Read More]

Merge Magic! Challenge 5 | Guide Path Forest

Your magic garden won't bloom by itself, each new creature will increase the pace of your progress. For this reason, it's important to...[Read More]

Merge Magic! tips - Our best tips for success

Merge Magic! is the perfect way to pass the time. With its cute graphics and serene soundtrack, it allows you to solve puzzles, solve problems, and make your way through the game.[Read More]

How to play Merge Magic on PC or Mac?

After explaining how to play Merge Dragons! on PC, here is the new game from Gram Games, Merge Magic! We're going to take a look at all the...[Read More]

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